3 Different Perspectives

by Mark Forman on November 12, 2010

Unaware of Model Shoot-Bang You're Dead!

In 2 Moves He's Toast

More 3D Than the Wall Behind

Lone subject sitting and chatting on the cell phone. Quickly becoming the most ubiquitous nerve center of personal communication in real-time.

A group of men sit around the Chinese chess board in Taichung Park. Not a whole lot different than what happens in NYC's Washington Square Park. Just half way around the world, more Chinese people and Chinese version of chess, not Bobby Fisher's.

Fellow standing with cap on-don't know why. Maybe it's the color of the wall or the wooden texture but this shot makes me feel like summertime at some lake somewhere. Not a worry or a care in the world.

The Police-Every Little Thing She Does is Magic This is one of my favorite songs from the Police after they grew from being a grungy bar band into more rounded pop group. I love the calypso fun house kind of feel it has. Makes me feel like I'm lost inside a kaleidoscope.

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  • Stevo

    That last shot is amazing. Nice catch.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Steve.

  • Garry Young

    Excellent stuff Mark, especially that last shot!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Garry. Give a holler next time you have some time for a photo walk. 🙂

  • That last one reminds me of the classic 50/60's shots of workers in rural US towns - the mechanic outside a garage, oil worker next to a well etc. Nicely done.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm interesting connection/analogy Craig. I think it's the tones and his posture that make the image. Seems to be the one that everyone is responding most to in set.