November 2010

Three People-A Bitter Suite

11.24.2010 by Mark Forman
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Many of the people that recycle here in Taiwan are elderly people with homes and families. That's right-it's granny out collecting stuff to sell for extra spending money. I know quite a few are a little embarrassed by it but in fact I salute them Using their energy to remove unwanted items, put them back to use […]

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From the Land of LiYu Lake

11.16.2010 by Mark Forman
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While the weather was rainy the mood and spirit of the Pazeh people and guests at the LiYu Lake,SanYi, Taiwan Pazeh New Year celebration was quite warm and sunny. There were performances from several Pazeh groups, Saisiyat, other PingPu and Hakkas-so truly a multi-cultural festivity. I've mentioned previously the struggle for PingPu indigenous people's rights here in Taiwan. Their cultures are in jeopardy of extinction. […]

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3 Different Perspectives

11.12.2010 by Mark Forman
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Lone subject sitting and chatting on the cell phone. Quickly becoming the most ubiquitous nerve center of personal communication in real-time. A group of men sit around the Chinese chess board in Taichung Park. Not a whole lot different than what happens in NYC's Washington Square Park. Just half way around the world, more Chinese people and Chinese version of chess, not Bobby Fisher's. Fellow standing […]


Getting My Pazeh On

11.08.2010 by Mark Forman
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Wow,what a wonderful time I had at the Pazeh Festival in AiLan, Puli,Taiwan. My good friend Michael:潘英寬 invited me and hooked me up with a really cool Pazeh traditional hat. So many great smiling faces, colorful outfits, dances, songs, and events. Even got to try some authentic Pazeh cuisine involving some little fish and river shrimp raw in millet […]

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Oh Vespa-Where Art Thou Now?

11.02.2010 by Mark Forman
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Probably one of my favorite industrial design items of all time is the Vespa Scooter: stylish,  sexy,  timeless, simple, iconic, just to name a few. Here in Taiwan there are still many of the original mostly metal shell ones around and in use. Of course there are also many that have given up the ghost and are used for spare parts. Tommy Bolin-Teaser One of the […]

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