October 2010

Taichung Jazz Festival 2010

10.25.2010 by Mark Forman
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Got to say what a pleasure it was to get out yesterday and catch the WeiSheng Lin Trio( WeiSheng-bass, Lou Rainone-piano, and Seiji Ochiai-drums), the only performance I attended at this year's Taichung Jazz Festival. The Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers/Horace Silver kind of vibe of the music was complimented with  Sunday's easy pace and all topped off […]

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Feeling the Love

10.24.2010 by Mark Forman
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Forgive me for a little personal horn blowing...wait a second-this is the internet and it's ALL ABOUT SELF-PROMOTION! LOL-I just wanted to share that one of my photos from recent 10/10/10 group was selected for inclusion on the Flickr blog. That's a nice thing for me (ego/props/warm fuzzies-wise) considering there are zillions of awesome images to […]

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Jedi Light Tricks

10.19.2010 by Mark Forman
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For photographers it is a challenge to present a photo image the same way or close to what they saw or felt. There are certain digital and analogue challenges in the process for that to happen. Lately I think I've been making some progress along those lines. Getting a better understanding of some of my primary tools to make […]

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10.11.2010 by Mark Forman
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Wow a digital post title how very...? 😀 In this case it's appropriate as you all know we hit a special date-here in Taiwan it is actually the 99th National Day for the Republic of China, known more commonly as Taiwan. Happy Birthday Taiwan! 台灣生日快樂! This is the 22nd one I've cerebrated having arrived here just after […]

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Taking it to the Street

10.05.2010 by Mark Forman
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Here I bring you once again-living in the moment. Not ever sure what I'll find. Nothing, something mundane or magic! Sure-the magic is less than the other but when it happens-well it's magic right? Taking it to the street where usually I'm schooled but sometimes I teach... In the Street-Big Star

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