Trading Up on Tradition

Woody Toned Notes of Joy

The Remnants of Offerings

Dragon Solo on Rooftop

People are collectors by nature. Sometimes it's things, sometimes habits or customs. The collector in us makes it difficult to let go.

I imagine when music got started it was partly inspired by nature and animals. Flutes and recorders definitely seems like they are mimicking birds.

Man always has been fascinated with smoke and fire-to cook with and to use in sacrifice and offering to the deities.

You can see in much architecture man's attempt to bring the earth back to the heavens. Legend has it that dragons were born in the clouds.

Purple Bamboo Flute-Traditional Chinese Music

I’m Not Afraid of Color

Bag it Up and Toss it Out

Stripes All Over


In my eclectic pallet of styles and feels I can handle and love a lot of color, muted color, minimal color and monochrome. In this selection the first and third images offer fairly saturated bright colors while the middle one is slightly muted. It is fun to change things around and work with different subjects to keep things interesting and challenge yourself as the visual composer.

Talking Heads-Mind.  Saw this band twice. Definitely one of my favorite from th elate 70s early 80s through now.