August 2010

Wow That’s Hot

08.31.2010 by Mark Forman
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Had a downtown Taichung Photo Walk meet up with photog friends Todd and David(first shot is mine,second:Todd's and third:David's). We covered a lot of ground and got a nice variety of shots. You can see more here for me, Todd and David. Campy but fun pop song: Billy Idol-Hot in the City

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Lean and Mean

08.28.2010 by Mark Forman
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Put me in a market with a camera, people, awesome light and shadow and I'm happier than the proverbial pig in mud. A never ending stream of interesting faces and expressions, colors and textures come towards you.  Sometimes you do them justice. The Guess Who-These Eyes A super huge hit from my childhood. Maybe Quentin Tarrantino will […]

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So Much H and O

08.25.2010 by Mark Forman
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A few weeks back we had quite a rainy week,which of course disrupted my AM photo walk routine. Since my shutter finger was growing itchy I decided to do some rain shots and take advantage of that watery world around me. If I didn't wear glasses and my camera was water-proof I'd be out there […]


Carry Your Heart in My Head

08.21.2010 by Mark Forman
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Night shooting is a real fun challenge. There are different technical and light issues to overcome, but once you start to overcome and adapt it is quite fun. I've also come to realize from shooting at night that even when shooting in daylight I still want to shoot people in a framed or darker shadowy […]

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Helmets: Not for the Faint-Hearted

08.18.2010 by Mark Forman
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I've talked before about the preponderance of motor scooters in Taiwan. In most cases they've become people's legs from short trips down the street to get a bento box or betel nuts, to a jaunt downtown where they can easily be parked on the sidewalks. A couple of years back the government passed a helmet law which […]

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Pushing Push Bike

08.13.2010 by Mark Forman
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Darling don't you ever stop to wonder darling did you ever think About the clouds about the hail and thunder all this life stuff's closely linked About the baby and its umbilical Who's pushing the pedals on the season cycle? XTC-Season Cycle

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Horizontal Alternative et al.

08.12.2010 by Mark Forman
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I recently visited Bagua Mountain a fairly well known site in central Taiwan due to it's giant Buddha statue looming over Changhua City. This older fellow was enjoying a nap in the shade on a hot summer afternoon. Some mainland Chinese tourists seemed to be surprised by my willingness to take photos of the sleeping older […]


It’s Bubbles…All Bubbles

08.08.2010 by Mark Forman
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Pop, pop...pop, pop. M-Pop Musik


Scooter Country

08.06.2010 by Mark Forman
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One of the cool things about Taiwan is that it's a scooter country. One of the key makers of scooters for quite some time, scooters here are equivalent to legs. Need a rice box hop on the scooter for the 1 minute drive, cigarettes, bubble tea, etc. For me the coolest of all are the old Vespas. […]


Remote Control

08.04.2010 by Mark Forman
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The Clash-Remote Control

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