Out for a stroll

Last weekend we had a photo walk as mentioned in the last post. I had a discussion with Darren who is one of my favorite photographers in Taiwan, especially in street portraiture. This was the best kind of discussion because it was aided by observing him in action. I saw that Darren likes to get very close to sunjects and doesn't mind engaging them. I know several photographers that like to shoot this way and get some great stuff. I like to be more stealthy for the most part. Usually I use a longer lens which allows me more off the radar shooting of subjects. Nothing profound to share here other than being around creative people is a good spark for creativity. Big props to Darren for showing me better settings on camera for even sharper images.

James Blood Ulmer-Spoonful featuring Vernon Reid of Living Colour fame.

Taichung Photo Walk: Round Robin

Recently organized a Taichung Photo Walk at and around TongHai University.  Photos shown are by Todd AlperowitzDarren Melrose and David Reid respectively. The round robin rules are that we each select 1 favorite shot of other photographer from the days shoot. Not trying to be narcissistic but Darren's shot of me one of the few shots of me that I like and feel captures the real me. My photos are here.

The Flatlanders-Austin City Limits