May 2010

Flowery face

05.31.2010 by Mark Forman
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Last post I talked about density/proximity issues in Taiwan with urban rural blurring. Here is a good photographic juxtaposition of urban/rural and nature/man. Moby-Flower For those of you that are in or will be in Taichung area on 7/24/10 we are having Taichung WorldWide Photowalk again this year.

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Farming Fun

05.28.2010 by Mark Forman
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I know I've said this before and I'll say it again. One of the things I love about Taiwan is because of it's population density/area relation that city and country quickly overlap in spots. Here is one of them. Great to leave my 10 story condo by elevator walk for a mile and arrive at this. […]


China my China

05.26.2010 by Mark Forman
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Red and yellow lanterns are two of the Chinese iconic items I never get tired of. In this case they are displayed beneath a gateway indicating there is a temple near by. Brian Eno-China My China

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Astronomy Domine

05.20.2010 by Mark Forman
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I'm tickled that I escaped from the craft in tact. No bizarre alien tattoos were left and they didn't touch my charge cards. Sometimes a guy gets lucky. Quite tickled that my son is discovering T-Rex. Planet Queen has always been my fave since it's a little trippy.  

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05.19.2010 by Mark Forman
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Early morning, strolling along. I spotted a tree. Not any tree, but this tree. Screaming Trees- I Nearly Lost You

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