My Way

My Way

Firstly let me say that I'm not a nature photography guy. Especially birds. Don't get me wrong. There are some incredibly beautiful shots of them, it's just never been one of my hot buttons. It just so happened I was out photo walking in Taichung Park looking for shots. I noticed a tree that had some birds in it. Many in fact and they just kept flying down in series right in front of me.Well I was already there with camera in hand...

Hope you like my maiden voyage. Will be sharing some more in the coming pots. No, I'm not planning on becoming a bird photographer-just a well rounded one. :D

Speaking of Maiden Voyage it's also a beautiful tune written and performed by Herbie Hancock, former Miles Davis sideman and very accomplished musician.



Here's a guy that has got it down. Walking on the street while reading the newspaper at the same time. My Taiwanese friends and neighbors amaze me with their multi-tasking. Granted they don't necessarily perform all the tasks well but they really like the more bang for the buck approach to doing things. Never heard the,"...can't walk and chew gum" epithet here.

Average White Band(AWB): Work to Do.

The Sheik of Araby

Cafe Time

One thing I like about life in Taiwan is the proliferation of good affordable coffee on the go. There are quite a few road side stands that offer nice full flavored brew. Got to love them Arabica bean drinks.

Django Reinhardt is one of those legendary guitarists that other guitarists grow silent about when they hear his name. He had a badly deformed fretting hand which still produced some incredible guitar music. Here is Sheik of Araby.

Messing With the Kid


Had a nice experience recently while visiting ZhongXing XinCun in Nantou. I was standing under the shade of big trees, sipping a nice coffee made from freshly ground beans. The coffee man claimed that he was a photographer back in the day. A Nikon man like my friend Todd who I was visiting. Then we got to the point. What do you like to shoot best?" People of course", I replied. He smiled and said, "the elderly and young kids are the best." I smiled back and said, "you got it." Kids for the innocence, the elderly for the character and history in their faces...

This shot from a day trip to NanZhuang. Junior Wells bringing it with Messing With the Kid.


Germ-free reading

Some times we can be too sterile in our thinking. It might be time to go out and get out of your bubble and touch something or someone to remember what it means to "feel" again. Go smell the coffee, sniff the flowers or get on a cold marble slab. Find the contact point that will trigger your muse and initiate some creative thought for you.

Wire is one of my favorite bands of all time and probably the best band I ever caught live. HeartBeat is one of their more cerebral tunes. It's fun mixing metaphors...

Green Onions

Flow marks

While my image is not derived from the onion family, nor is it caramelized somehow it makes me think of chlorophyll I guess do to it's pastel-green palette. Originally when I was shooting this off of a big stainless steel sculpture I wasn't thinking of going abstract like this as much as minimal.

Booker T. and the MG's are much smokier and therefore caramelized. Green Onions is one of their best instrumental songs and they are the engine that drove many singers and bands records from the Stax studios in Memphis.


Oh Lady Be Good


This young lady was good to my eye and caught my attention. Herb Ellis who is a guitarists guitarist was very good to my ear and eyes when I saw him and Barney Kessel (included in the video) performing at a small club in NYC. One of their big things while performing was to do a classic "Boogie Woogie" piece with each of them doing one hand of the piano part on the guitar. They'd get it going to a feverish pace and suddenly stop and switch parts. Herb passed away the other day. I hope you take the opportunity to listen to him an Barney Kessel some more. 2 of the finest guitar players that ever lived. Oh Lady Be Good.