The Sorter

The sorter

At  times our tasks in life can be very daunting. All we see is garbage mess and ruin. We can't make the adjustment and shift perspective to see the potential or the permutation of the near future.

Music: Wishbone Ash is a guitar lover's treasure. Surprisingly under-known band with 2 goo lead guitarists that compliment each other not compete with each other and decent vocals. Here is Phoenix.


Lone nut


By a thread

Lone Ranger

A world within a world. There is so much going on around us. Some we see,some we glance at and some we really see.I've been having about a week of down time due to some camera issues. Hopefully this will be resolved quickly especially since I have a new vintage German manual lens I want to start using. It's a good week to keep looking even though I don't have my camera in hand to capture. Eye exercising.

Sunny is an old standard-I think this version by Pat Martino is my favorite.


Street Life

Yeah and?

Egg sort

Soft light above the carcass

Blue door for sure

Two of my favorite places in town to shoot are ChienKuo Market-the main wet and produce market in town and by the train station. There is one reason: The people. Both of those places offer a limitless supply of real people going through life. No pretense or artifice. Just buying or selling food or getting to or from where they want to go.

Roxy Music is a band that impacted me both aurally and visually from the instant I discovered them. Art, glam and cool music really made this band for me. Street Life is one of many of their good songs.

Misty Mountain Hop





Juolan is a nice mountain town in central Taiwan. I visited there the day after Christmas with my friend Mr. Shao. He owns a nice little farm up in the hills where he grows persimmons and raises nice free range chickens. We always stop at the market to pick up some supplies before we hit his cabin. Here are some of the good folks of Juolan working their trade.

This is a killer live version of  Zep's Misty Mountain Hop-enjoy!