Flower head


Cow vs. Cat


Flower head-ever get all preened and looking great but get the sense you're still missing something?

Swinging-sometimes it's nice to get lost in the shadows or drift between shadow and light.

Cow vs. Cat-who's side are you on? Don't believe Gaylord Focker-you can't milk cats...

Overworked-here's a bonus  for when you are working hard (for your ears).

Roxy Music was one of the coolest bands from back in the day. Amazona is one of their more prominent guitar songs.


Where is my mind

Circle game




Shoe sky


Circle game-it goes round and round and round and round and round and round...

Strand-independence and speaking out are good for everybody from time to time...

Shoe sky-for when it's not raining cats and dogs...

Scatter-everyone needs beautiful purple petals scattered across their plain of vision from time to time to renew the soul.

Heard a great interview today on Sound Opinions podcast-Black Francis of the PixiesWhere is my Mind is one of my favorite songs of theirs.

21st Century Schizoid Man

The oracle

Diamond V


The gang

Someone told me today that the US people among other world citizens have been very generous in their giving to the people of Haiti. This is very encouraging because corporations and governments are usually much more complex and political with their giving. My hope is that most of these funds will reach and benefit the Haitian people who have endured an inordinate amount of suffering since colonial days. Here is more info on giving to Haiti if you are interested.


Music- Mad Monks21st Century Schizoid Man The song is a cover of King Crimson's song.

Intangible Cultural Heritage

Aborigine vessel

Exhibit Hall


Dragon dancers


Model ship



Door deities


The Intangible Cultural Heritage exhibition is a Cross-Straits(of Taiwan) venture with museum quality pieces from both southern Fujian, China and Taiwan. I was really impressed by the beauty and quality of most of the exhibits on display. Many(in fact most) of the exhibits permitted photographs to be taken. The quality of the Taiwanese aboriginal pieces was some of the best I've ever seen and was much different than the typical stuff I have seen. This is the second exhibit I've attended at the Taichung Creative Culture Park (at the former Winery) and am pleasantly optimistic about future events. A docent told me there will be another exhibition coming to the Taichung Cultural Center on YingTsai by the Art Museum on 1/23/10. This will be museum pieces from Fujian. Jolly good Taichung on your pledge to be Taiwan's cultural city!

Hollywood Swinging

Shadow art

Alley duet

The pier

Double up

Shadow art-this was shot as part of a series I di from an abandoned village. I don't know what caused the shadow mask but my eye was riveted when I saw this. I love the form and texture from the masked-door. I hope you do too.

Alley duet-these two guys were hanging around checking us out (my friend Garry and I) while we were shooting their old neighborhood and checking them out. :D

The pier-Marina pier in Danshui,Taiwan. I love marinas and piers for that matter.

Double up-a pair of colorful monks/nuns sent out to do the begging for alms duty. In the words of Hannibal Lecter, "Love your outfit senator..." :D

Music-Bringing the funk doesn't get much better than by Kool and the Gang-Hollywood Swinging. This song was responsible for much grooving during my Brooklyn youth.


Action-roll em!

I'm an aeroplane




Lately many of the photographers I admire are talking less about gear(yeah down with camera gear navel gazing) and more about the photographer and his vision. One thought I had on that the other day is: Focus. We can train a monkey to focus a camera and point it (poor monkeys always getting dragged into analogies just to make a point). However, more than likely the shot wouldn't be all that interesting. What makes an interesting shot is a good eye and focusing it on what is before it. Thereby seeing something interesting amidst the ordinary. What makes a good eye is years of looking and thinking about things seen. What makes a image is applying your eye to what was seen and presenting it in an interesting way. The result is still very subjective. Some people will like it and say,"whoaa that's really cool", others will yawn, and some will go ,"yucch-what is that!" I prefer the first response but would rather have the 3rd over the 2nd.

Music-Al GreenLove and Happiness in honor of Willie Mitchell-RIP!