Tis the season…

Round things


Arm extended


Here are some images that have nothing to do with the holidays...they are my gift to you.I hope everyone gets past the stress and the pressure to buy and give at a time when that is especially challenging, I hope you all can find some special meaning in family,friendship or solitude if that's your thing. Peace to all and to all a happy new year.

Music: Linus and Lucy

Eclectic-from the e to the c



Zen rust


I've been focusing on more minimalist type images and have been involved with a couple of different photo challenges involving that theme and rust, another favorite of mine. The other thing I've been learning is to have fun with the camera and not feel pressured to get shots but enjoy them when they come. Since I go walking with the camera several times a week, it also means that I learn to have fun while toting the camera, not just when I'm in position to shoot with it. Taking the camera with me has taught em to study the world around me with much greater acuity. I'm really happy for that. Seeing many things I would have otherwise missed or taken for granted.

Music: Talking Heads-Swamp

Disparate Images

Got a light?

In pairs



Got a Light?-from an AM Photo Walk. When I saw this structure and how it captured the light it captivated me.

In Pairs-I love trains and train stations. Here are a couple of busy Taiwanese students making the school commute.

1.2...-velcro my shoe? :D

Pss, pss-Nothing like a sculpture garden for great locale. The sprinklers going off and umbrellas brought out all icing on the cake.

Let's go with some MagazineThe Light Pours Out of Me. Had the privilege of seeing them live in NYC with the Lounge Lizards opening. That was a great night of music.