November 2009

Compressing space

11.28.2009 by Mark Forman
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I've mentioned this before (I think) that one of the things I love about Taiwan is how compact it is. I can transport between city and country urban and rural in just minutes (and that is on foot). Often during my morning photo walks I'm moving between both of these spaces. Maybe that is why […]


Ghost Town-3rd Trading Village

11.25.2009 by Mark Forman
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I was coming back from TungHai University recently with my son and we veered off of crowded main road for a short cut. Little did I know we'd encounter a photographic treasure trove, especially for someone like me that loves grungy urban decay-type subjects. I made a mental note to come back to this Third Trading […]

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Obi-H1N1 Kenobi

11.22.2009 by Mark Forman
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Firesky my oh my-nuff said. Under the Pomelo-Pomelo is a fruit that is popular in the autumn in Taiwan. It is like a jumbo grapefruit but not as juicy. I just liked the serenity of this image and the color palette. Hi Officer-keep us safe, keep us sound, keep us away from where H1Ni1 can be found... Crowding-so […]


I need a transport Scotty!

11.19.2009 by Mark Forman
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Face Washing-Wu Dang Dao say's: The form of tiger In Chinese traditional culture, the tiger was the symbol of power and unruliness. In the five elements, the tiger belongs to soil. Practicing the regimen often can cultivate the spleen and stomach, strengthen the bones and muscles. 1.Starting position 2. Guarding the breath into the pubic region […]


New views and an interview

11.16.2009 by Mark Forman
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Flickroom Interview with Ashu Mittal 1) How long has Flickroom been in the making? Flickroom has been in active development for almost an year now. Flickroom’s first public beta was released on July 05, 2009 and there have been 6 updates released thus far.  The team has continuously been trying to improve the user experience […]