Clearing my head

Eye spy

Teh path is clear


3 ladies 2 parasols 1 flower

It never fails. Whenever I need to clear static out of my brain, I mean the residual life's minor(and major) aggravations I head for the fields. As soon as I get inside the fields I feel all tension relieved and it's replaced with a very serene and fresh feeling. I love being surrounded by this unpretentious living sphere. Just dirt and food stuff growing out of it.


Looking up

Friendly lady

Mr. Fixit

Tap tap sucka

First image of the statue taken at the Chung Shan Theater. It is quite a beautiful sculpture of a couple dancing in traditional Tang Dynasty clothing. I'll include a full shot at a later date.

The second is a very friendly and sweet lady I met while shopping at an area market. She was so cute albeit geographically challenged(but isn't that most people). We talked while I was waiting for a friend to return from an ATM run.

The third is kind of an intense guy who does cell phone repairs. He had an acerbic wit which is kind of rare among the Taiwanese who tend to not casually crack jokes. A surprise but a welcome one at that.

Finally was a cell phone vendor showing off his China-made product which is a touch screen and gets TV shows. He is the reason my friend Brian had to run to the ATM.

Music today is from Emerson, Lake and PalmerLucky Man. Yes at times I feel that song is about me or at least could be :D

Thieves Market

The Taichung Thieves Market sounds so much more interesting than "Flea Market" connoting a hint of Ali Baba and his gang. That is the old name of this market from it's original location where it used to run in the middle of the night with buyers showing up with flashlights to see the goods. Now it's a daytime affair and more out in the open with much more legitimate merchandise. Wonder if the buyers are equally legitimate? Ahh, guess we'll save that for future posting.

Start your engines

Nothing beats a red car for coolness. God put this into the male DNA...

Memories framed

I was mainly interested in the old photos but quite a selection here.

Photo of photo

These photos were particularly interesting-the vendor lady of this stall tried to keep me from taking a picture but then...

Seal of approval

...her husband came to my photographic rescue saying,"by all means take a picture." He claimed these were his shots-nice work!

How about some pants

What fun would the sojourn be if I didn't find some nice glass to shoot the world through? Well I did and this is the first shot from the Cosina 35-70mm lens I got at the stall nest to this one. Was quite happy to find that at a great price too.

Well here it is Samia Gamal-Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves

Taichung Jazz Festival 09


This year's festival had the inclusion of some blues, in the form of the Joey Gilmore band. Joey was teh winner of the 2006 International Blues Competition. Joey really livened things up and demonstrated that blues is very crowd friendly music and probably lends itself better to strangers than jazz does. Just sayin (and yes I love jazz).


Keying it

Bluesing it

A little back story-I got here early enough to get pretty good position right behind the official VIP/photographer/camera man area. Then right as show was about to begin a camera man came in setting up right in front of me-and of course ruining my view of the stage. I politely asked him(with a scowl on my face) if he'd be stationary or moving. He said he'd move around. 2 seconds later he said,  "Hey why don't you come in next to me for a better position?"

Here is Joey playing Born Under a Bad Sign

Different Viewpoints


There are several iconic architectural sites nearby I've been meaning to shoot. The buddha is at nearby monastery. The Catholic church building not far away. When I arrived at the monastery there was a group of Mormon missionary girls there taking pictures and exploring. When we exchanged greetings I jokingly asked them if they were there to change religions? That was good for a few giggles. It's amazing how religions and the faith they inspire so influences what men build.


Front across

Caddy corner

Last but not least-the final leg of my shoot was the Botanical garden. I don't think this was inspired by any religion, but plant lovers can be fanatical too.

Ferris wheel fail

Since we've been on religion I thought it was only appropriate to share this song by John LennonGive Peace a Chance.

Flowers everywhere


Bokeh definition: (derived from Japanese, a noun boke 暈け, meaning "blur" or "haze") is a photographic term referring to the æsthetic quality of the out-of-focus areas of an image produced by a camera lens using a shallow depth of field.[1] Essentially, bokeh is an aesthetic and qualitative measure of light distortion in the out-of-focus areas of an image, and is primarily caused by lens aberrations and aperture shape.

I've heard that the 50mm lens(I recently picked up 2) are supposed to be the best for producing this effect. I like it because it is so painterly-very water color-like and all done mostly in the camera not on the computer.




Purple passion

All of these shots were taken at the Taichung Botanical Garden-admission about $.60 (NT$20) over a half hour period of shooting.

Moby has a nice Flower song so, it'll do this time :D

Physical Graffiti


Recently went and checked out some local examples of graffiti and wall art around town. This tower behind the Taiwan Rail Station as part of Stock 20 gallery, an on again(which I like ) off again (boo) gallery space. Be nice to have it permanently going with exhibits and local or locally based artists displaying or performing there.

Hip Wall

This makes me feel very European but it is a good feeling in any case.


This from the SongJu Rd. overpass (but under it) in BeiTun near to TanTzu.

Had too much

Another piece by Tender Fish. Would like to see more of his (or her stuff) I only know of these 2 so far.

Song is performed by Chaka  Khan doing Prince's Sign of the Times . If you can handle funky soul get ready, if not now's your chance.

Win, Place and Show

Crowded plaza

This is a shot of the Old Taichung Winery walkway where many of the exhibit halls are. This was a holiday weekend (10/10 National Day) so many people were about here at the Taiwan Design Expo '09.


You can see from inside one of the exhibit halls what kind of crowds were there.

Alley way

This was from the back of the old facility where there are many unused buildings from the distillery production days. Lot's of great structures there.


Some of the outside of the old Winery which are now used as exhibit halls.


Care for a sail? One of the Taiwan RC toys on display. Get's me in the mood.


Stairway from back of the Winery. Found much interesting industrial decay stuff back there.

Light sculpture

This was a light sculpture from one of the design exhibits. Todd from The Daily Bubble Tea went with me on this day and has posts here and here. A good time was had by all and no designers or photographers were injured in making this blog.