October 2009

Clearing my head

10.30.2009 by Mark Forman
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It never fails. Whenever I need to clear static out of my brain, I mean the residual life's minor(and major) aggravations I head for the fields. As soon as I get inside the fields I feel all tension relieved and it's replaced with a very serene and fresh feeling. I love being surrounded by this […]



10.29.2009 by Mark Forman
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First image of the statue taken at the Chung Shan Theater. It is quite a beautiful sculpture of a couple dancing in traditional Tang Dynasty clothing. I'll include a full shot at a later date. The second is a very friendly and sweet lady I met while shopping at an area market. She was so cute […]

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Come see what I saw

10.27.2009 by Mark Forman
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Poetry in motion A time to dance Analog information assimilation Relaxing in the cool shade All shots taken in Taichung Park . It's fall so how about some Autumn Leaves by Cannonball Adderly with Miles Davis.

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Thieves Market

10.24.2009 by Mark Forman
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The Taichung Thieves Market sounds so much more interesting than "Flea Market" connoting a hint of Ali Baba and his gang. That is the old name of this market from it's original location where it used to run in the middle of the night with buyers showing up with flashlights to see the goods. Now […]



10.22.2009 by Mark Forman
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I have been on several scouting missions for the best of Taichung's few graffiti artists. Here are a few from recent sessions with many more to come. These are all from an area close to Taichung Park opposite the swimming pool on ShuangShr Rd. Here is a link to a blog dedicated to Taiwan tagging. Jurassic 5 provides us […]