Waiting for the Sun

Waiting for the sun

My man here is taking advantage of the cooler early morning time to get his requisite exercise. Nice environment and great energy here at the Taichung Botanical Garden with many folks out and about doing their exercises. Great feeling urrounded by all those plants and peopel doing good things with their bodies.

Nothing brings the early morning body, mind, spirit vibe better than Mahavishnu Orchestra here with Dance of Maya . I had the privilege of seeing this band back in 1973 at Avery Fischer Hall in NYC. Amazing band!

What’s there in the shadows?

Peering in

When I was a boy it always creeped me out to have closet door open when I went to sleep. The dark didn't bother me, but the open door in the dark did. Now as a photographer I love the dark and shadow world as fitting companions for the light. Before I got involved in photography I wrongly assumed that all photographs need a lot of light, the more light the better. I know better now. It is the interplay of the contrasting elements that create beauty, tension, intrigue, mystery, etc.

I saw The Stranglers in NYC during a college break, They were always an interesting band. In The Shadows is not one of their best known songs, nor is it necessarily my favorite. Yet it is an interesting and strange song and perfect for this post. Don't listen with your closet door open though... :D

Get my kicks on…


The first time I spotted this old gas station sign here next to the railroad tracks and rice fields in Tantzu it was kind of surreal. I felt like it should be next to Route 66 in the middle of America somewhere. It provided a sense of joy and freedom.

One of the most joyful and free pieces of music I know is Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers-Roadrunner. I'm in love with the modern world!

Rust Never Sleeps

Rust never sleeps

Industrial Dream

The pulley wheels are spinning fast,
Leather bands drive strange machines.
Lights flickering, shadows cast,
So it was in my dreams.

Noise deafening as drills bored through,
Metal sheet and iron struts.
Chaos reigned in this motley crew,
As man tightened bolts and nuts.

Soon my senses were in a whirl,
I could not take the pace.
Beads of sweat from my face do purl
In the madness of the human race.

Twelve hours long no rest for me,
The machine the master of my fate.
No way out that I could see,
My soul began to fill with hate.

I was a member of a working force,
Prefabricated parts left the machines.
Little pay a matter of course,
This is what filled my dreams

Assembly lines teams of workers,
Rushing feet; hands so adept.
Here no place for shirkers,
For there is a fixed target to get.

The siren blows end of shift,
Tools change hands others take our place,
My spirit takes on a new lift,
As a smile gathers on my face.

Bernard Shaw

Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails have quite an impressive catalogue with many highly charged songs. Maybe I'm being counter-intuitive by sharing Something I Can Never Have, due to it's softer feel. There is still much edge and depth to this song. It's bittersweetness reminds me of rust.