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A few months back Jean Marais known more commonly as MoShang the Sound Jeweler mentioned to me that he had a new musical project going with guitarist Chris Baily. That got me very excited because I knew and liked Chris' work. Jean had already used one of my images for another EP he did called the Stone Bell. We arranged a schedule and did photo session at various locations around town. The entire CD uses my images except for the front cover on top right. Jean did an excellent job on the graphic layout making it look like a greasy fast food wrapper. Incidentally suncakes are a popular pastry here in Taichung. There are many shops around town that feature them.


It was really a fun shoot because of the good rapport and sharing of creative ideas between Jean, Chris and myself. So you can imagine I was quite pleasantly surprised when Jean told me about a week or more ago on Twitter that they'd be doing a show here in Taichung. That's is where I got Chris to sign this copy for me(above left).


Jean obliged on autograph as well (above right). They did a great set and had some nice musical conversations which was very refreshing. They are both accomplished players but very generous about sharing the musical space with each other,unlike other soloists that like to hog the spotlight and drown out their counter-parts. It was nice to to see them in a smoke-free space as well. Hard to believe they too exist now in Taiwan with progressive non-smoking regulations for public spaces. There is post here about the show with links on purchasing Suncake Lounge Vol.1 too.