July 2009

Remain in light(well sort of…)

07.31.2009 by Mark Forman
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Remain in Light was one of my favorite album titles by one of my favorite bands: Talking Heads. In this case it is partially representative of whatI'm trying to do with my photography. I said "partially" because to embrace light also means to embrace the shadow that it causes and the edge of darkness it fades […]


It’s Official…a Winner!

07.29.2009 by Mark Forman
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For the Taichung chapter of the Scott Kelby's 2nd Worldwide Photo Walk we had several more people that showed up and participated (yeah for participation but boo I can't enter them in the official contest) than signed up at the website. You can see all of the entries here. Alas, there is only 1 winner in every […]


A City Grows…

07.28.2009 by Mark Forman
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I remember the first time over 20 years ago that I visited Taichung. I liked it right off-milder weather than Taipei, friendlier people, less chaotic pace. Then it hit me-Taichung seemed like the perfect balance of city and country in terms of its flow and feel. In fairness to Taipei I lived there at one of the […]


Flourishing Plain: FengYuan

07.27.2009 by Mark Forman
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FengYuan is a place I've had an interesting relationship with during my over 20 years of time in central Taiwan. It is the largest city in Taichung County(all of Taichung County soon to be merged Taichung City as new municipality) with  and has a vital temple/commercial culture at and around the Matsu Temple. In my […]


Lukang: Lifestyle in Historic Town

07.24.2009 by Mark Forman
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Lukang is a town rich with commercial and cultural history-odd how those to are often linked. The arts have always been primarily funded by wealthy patrons. In Lukang much art is displayed in it's many temples. These 2 were taking advantage of teh shade offered by temple and kicking it with a game of Chinese chess. […]

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