First let me begin by re-iterating how unscientific and subjective people's reactions are to art, and in this case images. When I posted "Red Bridges to Your Heart" below I knew it was a nice image and should gather some views and comments on Flickr. I had no idea it would to the magnitude it did. It just goes to prove that you can never accurately predict which ones will be more popular and I'm totally fine with that. I have my favorites so why shouldn't you and everybody else have yours tool? In any case thanks to all the Flickr friends for stopping by and commenting.

Red bridge to your heartThis was from a good session that started at a river and wound up in Taichung/Chung Shan Park. I had several good shots with reflections from the park lake. I guess I got lucky with the Photoshop powers that be this day....Taichung Park is part of the course we'll be walking on Worldwide Photo Walk day on July,18th. So far over 100,000 people in over 600 localities have entered the event. If you're in the Central Taiwan area on that day and love to take pictures please join us.

I challenge you... I love observing and photographing martial arts live in real time. Jet Li rocks but I know he gets do overs like every other actor... I loved the movement of the TaiChi Dao. I was fortunate to come across this shifu and his students from across this nice bridge. 

Painted with gold rays This lantern and the others like it at the ShiLuo TaiPing Matsu Temple really stood out. They are all carved out of wood and hand-painted in contrast to the wire-frame paper covered ones that you see mostly.

She moves in mysterious ways "She Moves in Mysterious Ways", I swear that Irish band stole this title from me... Just kidding of course. I just though that title was perfect for this park worker. Really a good photographic moment for my eye.

Music: Listened to Shane Theriot-Highway 90 while composing this post. Very gifted guitarist/musician.

M. Nahadr:EclecticIsM

Well M.,you had me at eclectic... This is one of the most unusual musical works I've heard in quite some time. Not to say it is weird-it is anything but. What makes it so odd is it's free-spiritedness but while being very musical and enjoyable the whole time. It is obvious M. could easily make a go of being a soul/r&b style singer. Those 2 labels contain some great music but also provide some very heavy baggage. M. has a nice voice and I can only describe her work here as sounding like a spring rain shower in the mountains; welcome and refreshing and not the least bit intrusive. M's musical supporting cast is: James P. Nichols(producer) , Meg Montgomery (trumpet), David Beasley (bass) and Quynton Wright (programming). They all compliment her excellently!

In closing, I first listened to this with no expectations and was intrigued from the first listen. Every time I find myself wanting to listen to music and not sure of what I want I think of EclecticIsM because I know I'll go away filled. You can find additional info here and here.

Update: Check out this cool Alice Coltrane Tribute featuring M. Nahadr


Yes, yet another change in name and theme for this site. Mostly cosmetic-we have been committed to producing, pointing to, digesting and regurgitating art in all of it's forms for a long time.  So our mission(song) remains the same.

Black orchid Orchid power-these flowers are very fussy and difficult to grow. I call this one "Black Orchid" do to the dark toned process. There is an air of mystery..moodiness. Do you have a black orchid hiding in the shadows of your life some where? Are you waiting for one?

Twofer... Setting up beside the road-this man sells his wares. Maybe you stop and buy from him, maybe you don't give him a second glance as you pass him by. One foot, on motorcycle, on bike. If you stop he is ready to serve. Fruits or vegetables-what you buy from him today will be part of you tomorrow and ever after.

Anyone see the bridge? Bridges-devices linking to seperate places together. A channel, lifeline, road, doorway, link. This one red-the color of fire, of blood, vitality...

...and a 2... Preaching to the choir-redundancy. They're already on the team, fired up, motivated wanting to go. Engines are ready, like a racehorse wanting out of the gate. Let 'em go! Blue is the color of water-quenches the fire. Brings refreshing and a moment to ponder...

OK so let's go with red-big surprise huh?This band and album/song changed my life,hope it touches yours.

Pixels are everywhere…



 The basic unit of the composition of an image on a television screen, computer monitor, or similar display.

The art is in the capturing and treatment.

Worldwide Photo Walk-Taichung is making some progress with signups. Please feel free to join us or tell a photography loving friend in the Taichung area to join us. 全球攝影門市台中是取得了一些進展,註冊。請隨時加入我們的行列,或告訴攝影愛好的朋友在台中地區.

Musical inspiration: Melvin Gibbs-Elevated Entity-Sometimes

...bunch a animals! "bunch a animals" since there is no "pinata" culture in Taiwan I will have to settle for these interpretations of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. I think kites and wire form creations are right up there on my list behind lanterns. All similar materials/constructions just some different applications. This in front of the FuHsing Matsu Temple Shiluo,Taiwan.

Pretty in pink "Pretty in Pink" was one of my favorite movies as a teen. The name and theme lend themselves to so many iterations. A busy day under the sun at outdoor food fair.

Wobbly... We can all get "wobbly" sometimes for a variety of reasons: alcohol, fatigue, sickness, inner ear problems,  etc. Don't know what this fellow's reason was. Just seemed ready for me to photograph-so I did. Maybe I was the wobbly one?

Fire in the sky While not a big Ozzie Osbourne fan I couldn't help but think of his song title-"Fire in the Sky" for this image. Shot in the new downtain area of Taichung (moving westward out from original main train station area-towards China and the Taichung Harbor).

For black & white photos please drop by Big In Asia:Monochrome.