Wanna Buy My CD?

by Mark Forman on June 26, 2009

Wanna buy my CD?

Initially this photo and title had nothing to do with Michael Jackson. Coincidentally am posting on the same day that Michael Jackson's death at age 50 was announced. Michael Jackson's life and mine are fairly well intertwined due to our ages being about the same an the overwhelming influence of popular culture disseminated by the media during my lifetime. I'm not here to praise of bury Caesar or Michael in this case. I am glad that I heard him and his brothers early on in my life as the Jackson 5. Their music as much of the music from Motown records filled me with great joy and hope before the Vietnam War and Nixon were able to tarnish it and cause me to think about all kinds of deep, important questions well before I was ready to.

I know there is a lot of controversy about Michael's life and his sexual habits, plastic surgery,etc. There is so much media information on the minutiae of his life many have firm opinions about him. I do too. I think the main one I have other than him being incredibly musically talented  and a great dancer and performer is this: he had no childhood. The poor guy was working relentlessly as a minor and was a cash cow for his manager which in this case, happened to be his father. It's easy to second guess people especially here on the Internet where a person like me with a blog can be a pundit. I still feel for the guy because it is quite obvious he had no time for a childhood when he was a child. How much did he enjoy the fruits of his labors? It appears to me not a whole lot. I'm not writing this as an indictment of Michael or his family, I just feel it offers a good back story to reflect on.

Should we desire and work hard to accumulate?-maybe. If that is what is important to you. I guess more importantly we should all take into consideration that everything has a cost, and sometimes the price is maybe just too high. My sympathies and respect to the Jacksons and all their fans. I'll always treasure the memories of being a 3rd grade milk monitor(1 of 2 students who left the classroom, walked down to the cafteria, drank extra ice cold milk, screwed around:in this case dancing to the Jackson 5-I Want You Back, before shlepping a crate of milk back upstairs to the classroom for distribution among the classmates).

Ahh, the original impetus for the post-well the Thao guy in traditional dress seems to have a pretty nice life. He gets dressed in brightly colored Thao tribal clothing, sings, dances and hawks his CD's next to the beutiful Sun Moon Lake. I doubt he'll ever get rich like this but his life seems pretty chill and nice. Looks like the young lady had an opinion she was voicing. Treatment is HDR.