Back in Black

by Mark Forman on June 25, 2009

K*lake #1 son

I absolutely hate really posed cutesie portrait shots, especially when by some scenic landmark. This is my son on the ferry pier at Sun Moon Lakein the ItaThao village. He wasn't expecting me doing the "snap move". I did and am happy with the shot and kind of dreamy HDR treatment I did. Kevin(my son) loves Back in Black (play loud as you read this post)as do I. It is one of the tightest and most iconic hard rock songs ever. ACDC is not one of my favorite bands per se, but they are the only thing that works  when the mood is right. I am also partial to the All Blacks team regalia. The All Blacks are the national Rugby team of New Zealand(making them kind of neighbors to ACDC if it weren't for all that water...).

Interestingly, the Thao and other indiginous Taiwan peoples are cousins to the Maori of New Zealand, some of whom play for the All Blacks. Tiny world...