Pixels are everywhere…

by Mark Forman on June 2, 2009



 The basic unit of the composition of an image on a television screen, computer monitor, or similar display.

The art is in the capturing and treatment.

Worldwide Photo Walk-Taichung is making some progress with signups. Please feel free to join us or tell a photography loving friend in the Taichung area to join us. 全球攝影門市台中是取得了一些進展,註冊。請隨時加入我們的行列,或告訴攝影愛好的朋友在台中地區.

Musical inspiration: Melvin Gibbs-Elevated Entity-Sometimes

...bunch a animals! "bunch a animals" since there is no "pinata" culture in Taiwan I will have to settle for these interpretations of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. I think kites and wire form creations are right up there on my list behind lanterns. All similar materials/constructions just some different applications. This in front of the FuHsing Matsu Temple Shiluo,Taiwan.

Pretty in pink "Pretty in Pink" was one of my favorite movies as a teen. The name and theme lend themselves to so many iterations. A busy day under the sun at outdoor food fair.

Wobbly... We can all get "wobbly" sometimes for a variety of reasons: alcohol, fatigue, sickness, inner ear problems,  etc. Don't know what this fellow's reason was. Just seemed ready for me to photograph-so I did. Maybe I was the wobbly one?

Fire in the sky While not a big Ozzie Osbourne fan I couldn't help but think of his song title-"Fire in the Sky" for this image. Shot in the new downtain area of Taichung (moving westward out from original main train station area-towards China and the Taichung Harbor).

For black & white photos please drop by Big In Asia:Monochrome.