June 2009

The Boy in the Bubble

06.30.2009 by Mark Forman
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Back in the days when I first heard Paul Simon's groundbreaking Graceland album we didn't all have blogs and Twitter, etc. So back then I couldn't explode all over the Internet with hyperbole on how awesome and electrifying the sound of his music energized by some of South Africa's greatest musicians along with his stellar pop […]

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Best Look!

06.29.2009 by Mark Forman

This shot was probably my favorite of the series at Sun Moon Lake that day. Liked how it looked in my viewfinder on the camera. I love how it seems like a doorway into a whole other world or realm. My wife Anne happened to walk into view just as I was pressing shutter. This […]


Wanna Buy My CD?

06.26.2009 by Mark Forman
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Initially this photo and title had nothing to do with Michael Jackson. Coincidentally am posting on the same day that Michael Jackson's death at age 50 was announced. Michael Jackson's life and mine are fairly well intertwined due to our ages being about the same an the overwhelming influence of popular culture disseminated by the media […]


Back in Black

06.25.2009 by Mark Forman
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I absolutely hate really posed cutesie portrait shots, especially when by some scenic landmark. This is my son on the ferry pier at Sun Moon Lakein the ItaThao village. He wasn't expecting me doing the "snap move". I did and am happy with the shot and kind of dreamy HDR treatment I did. Kevin(my son) loves Back in Black […]


The Court of the Crimson King

06.24.2009 by Mark Forman
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Photo side of things-more from Sun Moon Lake WenWu Temple shoot. Nice to shoot from on high downward for a change. Happened to have these 2 people come into view to set up shot. Music Side-King Crimson-In the Court of the Crimson King. These guys were one of my first major musical likes and influences and […]