Sightly Observations

by Mark Forman on April 20, 2009

Some of the things I've seen and have captured my attention lately at YiZhong St, FengJia Night Market and at in-laws in ShiLo.

World of sneakers
Attitude? From the time I was a young basketball playing kid in Brooklyn sneakers have always played a big role in my life.
Sometimes you see someone that just captivates you when you are in hunt mode with camera in hand. MJ did that for me. I tracked him down and he surrendered to the lens.
Hey little girl! In this case was a man with cute little girl that I couldn't resist shooting. How much beauty and mystery lives within people is amazing to me. That's what helps me put up with the bad stuff.
I love the night life! I've been wanting to get out and try some high ISO night shots. Thought FengJia Night Market would be the perfect spot and allow for some road-side empanada and other goody snacking.
Country bike ride We went for a visit to ShiLo to see my mother-in-law. While there got a shot of one of the neighbors going mobile.
Go through? I so love the textures of wood and old brick adding a doorway with it's perspective and light/shadow makes for a happy photographer.

Small Kingdom


In their doorways women sit sewing
By the good light of afternoon
And nothing is beyond knowing
Though the sun shall go down soon

A shepherdess near a bramble ditch
And the Princess in the Alcazar
Keep the same precise stitch
And they both can see far

And when the knell tolls
All are wondering who—
If it is a lady, many bells
For a beggar, one will do