• arousal of the mind to special unusual activity or creativity
  • a product of your creative thinking and work; "he had little respect for the inspirations of other artists"; "after years of work his brainchild was a tangible reality"
  • a sudden intuition as part of solving a problem
  • divine guidance: (theology) a special influence of a divinity on the minds of human beings; "they believe that the books of Scripture were written under divine guidance"
  • arousing to a particular emotion or action

Some of my inspiration lately has come from Flickr friends : their work and comments on my work. Colors, music, people's smiles, some kind words, etc.  How much and in what way this affects my work can't be measured but then again who cares? The fact that it's there is enough and I'm glad it is.

Path to the skyThis shot and treatment are kind of different than a lot of the edgier/moodier stuff that I've been showing. That is fine with me. I don't like living in a  box or being formulaic in my art. If I catch myself doing that I try to correct it abruptly by trying something different. This shot taken near my wife's family house in Yunlin, Taiwan but in feel can be farm country anywhere. Thank God for farmer's and the fruits of their hard labors that keep us alive and healthy.

Gotta have my cookiesI don't record my settings when I do post-processing work. Partly because I'm lazy, partly because I don't want to. I believe much of art and most art for that matter are happy accidents. I like keeping it that way. This is one piece that I was very pleased with the result.

Check the teapotI've had so many temple shots here in Taiwan. I love lanterns in particular for their iconic status and boldness of color and shapes. Here I was trying for a different feel.

The Coffee GentMy good friend GuoWen took me to a coffee shop. When we got there we were greeted by the energetic and friendly proprietor who I later found out was in his 70's and had just had a mild stroke. I would have never guessed by talking to him and seeing him move. Mend well Mr. Coffee!

Sightly Observations

Some of the things I've seen and have captured my attention lately at YiZhong St, FengJia Night Market and at in-laws in ShiLo.

World of sneakers
Attitude? From the time I was a young basketball playing kid in Brooklyn sneakers have always played a big role in my life.
Sometimes you see someone that just captivates you when you are in hunt mode with camera in hand. MJ did that for me. I tracked him down and he surrendered to the lens.
Hey little girl! In this case was a man with cute little girl that I couldn't resist shooting. How much beauty and mystery lives within people is amazing to me. That's what helps me put up with the bad stuff.
I love the night life! I've been wanting to get out and try some high ISO night shots. Thought FengJia Night Market would be the perfect spot and allow for some road-side empanada and other goody snacking.
Country bike ride We went for a visit to ShiLo to see my mother-in-law. While there got a shot of one of the neighbors going mobile.
Go through? I so love the textures of wood and old brick adding a doorway with it's perspective and light/shadow makes for a happy photographer.

Small Kingdom


In their doorways women sit sewing
By the good light of afternoon
And nothing is beyond knowing
Though the sun shall go down soon

A shepherdess near a bramble ditch
And the Princess in the Alcazar
Keep the same precise stitch
And they both can see far

And when the knell tolls
All are wondering who—
If it is a lady, many bells
For a beggar, one will do

Locally-based musician with financial need!

pbyrneI found out from  Craig Ferguson today that Patrick Byrne a Taichung based musician and music promoter has a large financial debt due to the birth of his prematurely born son. The baby Fionn Byrne accumulated medical expenses of over US$ 30,000. There will be benefits here to help allay the expenses. If you would like to contribute to the Byrne family's expense fund or buy tribute CD please contact Patrick here directly e-mail to Patrick. Related article is here. Here's a good opportunity to demonstrate love and charity where it can do something big!


Need to say special thanks to my friend Brian for loaning me his Pentax DSLR. Been getting lots of great shots with it. I've really been enjoying Flickr more and more. It's great meting other people from all over the world who enjoy and/or produce photos. Some really talented creative people there. Always being challenged to sharpen my eye and skills.

Waiting for the sun...I am absolutely crazy about old wood, stained, raw, varnished and especially painted with paint fading. This is the door on my friend's family house dating back 3 generations.

Let's seeSomething about windows in dark rooms that call out to me. A little haunting, a lot fascinating and beautiful.

The ConstructWhat amazes me is how you set out to shoot something and maybe you do but later you find what was waiting for you like a surprise gift that you were meant to shoot.

Going my way?Maybe someone crossing the street will give you a glimpse into their being for a split second. Only the image serves as a witness of the micro-encounter.

Rising to the occasionPerhaps the whole time I've just been reflecting on myself?


Fly boy! The images I capture are certainly not produced from my imagination, but I believe I am led to them partly due to my imagination, and in the processing the imagination factor definitely throws down much harder.

Going to the Chapel Sometimes it is colors, sometimes texture, sometimes some other feeling that draws my eye and urges me to "click." I haven't given it much thought and probably won't. I love the spontaneity factor.

A little tipsyLight,shadow all beckon me. All aluring all different. All with a voice and a song.

Enough sugar?Sometimes you start out thinking one thing and it changes. It was a calm moment but it morphed into a funhouse.



When you have all these thoughts 

just running around in your head 
how do you make sense of any one of them 
Switching from analyzing this 
to analyzing that   

Oh to find some relief 
Like to take my head off 
let all the garbage spill out 
Then I would be left with a empty head 
Funny I know 
But how else do you clear the clutter away 

I know what if I just say anything 
that pops into my head 
even if it is the wrong thing 
Would that be okay 
Or would my words hurt, 
not convey my real message 
or would they finally be mine 
out there 
just my truth 
and finally 
my voice 

Linda Engwall