I Can Haz Twitter Mad Skillz…

Well here it goes-a friend of mine pointed me to this post after claiming what an Internet expert I am. Had no clue what he was referring to and he pointed me to this TechCrunch post on Ginx. Oddly, as of yesterday I wasn't on Ginx yet because I was waiting for a beta invite code from them. So I guess this makes me a "collateral" expert. Oh well, beggars can't be choosy I guess...


Thanks to Colby for the h/t.

Random Happy Memory of the Day

SANY0120Funny how memories just sort of pop up. When they are from way back or particularly happy they almost have a serendipity  quality to them. I just randomly flashed on my life during college days in Tucson, AZ. Overall a very good and interesting time in my life. In particular I just thought of this bookstore I used to go to on 6th St. and Tucson Blvd. No I don't remember the name. It wasn't huge, didn't have places to sit or drink expensive coffee drinks. What it did have was a really cool selection of underground and boutique magazines. I remember getting a cool one on Jazz: Coda from Toronto,CA  there.

Culture in Living Stereo

What is "Living Stereo"?  Well the living in this case has 2 meanings:1) as in alive and happening in real time (or as close as it gets online) and; 2)Living Colour the rock band(or their staff manning Twitter). I saw a Tweet about a list of songs they were offering for crowd sourcedconsideration from their upcoming live CD:


"Stereo" is my analogy of the split dual channel signal we shared in this communication to make the whole sound. So I'm following them and I responded with my suggestions to their list of available song choices:

Then I was informed that one of my song reccomendations was:


In summary-great and cool band making use of and having fun with the technology and including their listener community in on the fun. This simple means is something that continually elludes the major record companies. What's your favorite colour baby? Now if I can only get them off that stoopid MySpace... Well one baby step at a time. :D In case you don't know I'm @bbluesman on Twitter.

Faces talk

I've been realizing more and more that people's faces tell the best stories in the best way possible. So much is conveyed in a  glance, a smirk, a frown... One tiny gesture contains much more complexity than all of the Grand Canyon IMHO. Anyway enough babbling let's have a look.

He rolls like thatThis man got what he needed and begins to take off on bike with his purchases in tow.

Everything to scale





The apple guy for the masses. Not pitching fanboy geek goodies just the crunchy kind that keeps the doctor away.

Fashion victimLot's of attitude rolling off this youngblood. He's got the look, found in a book and happy to pay for it, but he's owning it now. Might even say his reputation is on the line.

Granny stylinThis lady seemed so poised and dignified even among the throngs. That isn't affected, that comes from within. Mighty aura mojo with her.

Bull!Working busily to finish up work on his Year of the Ox entry for the Lantern Festival pageant. Bright colored cultural goodness.

Shop girlBeauty is in the eye of the beholder, worked hard to attain, has had wars fought over it and drives economies. Soothing to the eyes like a cool breeze on a hot summer day.

Musical inspiration while composing essay: Miles Dewey Davis-Panagea/Gondwana

  For a beautiful face all that I could do
Give all my pleasures and take all her woe. 

For a beautiful face all that I could do
Leave all my friends or make them my foe.

For a beautiful face all that I could do
make myself a pauper and let all my esteems go.

For a beautiful face all that I could do
Let my wishes perish to make her wishes flow.

For a beautiful face all that I could do
to make her a peacock could look like a crow. 

Palas Kumar Ray 

What caught my eye?

Here are some images I've shot recently:

Toy StoryToy sellers working busy Lukang New Year holiday crowd. No carnival barkers out that day so these 2 had to do. No that guy didn't offer any cigarettes to children that I know of...

Cracking upCome on you must get that joke?

D'ya think I'm...Hey look I'm____

The boyzI love how Taiwanese kids are dressing and wearing hairstyles like we did back in the late 70's. Keeping the spirit of punk and the Ramones alive. We're a happy family, we're a happy family:me, mom and daddy!

Hot diggityThis "B-boy" looking hotdog vendor very much ready for the youthful crowds of the YiZhong St market. This market lies between to local colleges so a big hangout for students and young people.

FashionistasNow it wouldn't be proper unless our shopping scene had these fashionistas in tow. Are they slamming what they see or gushing about how the simply must have "that outfit" ?

Fountain of Youth

Youth is sought after by the masses
Stay young and stay strong
Stay healthy and you’ll stay long
I’ve felt my youth wither
My age only seems petite by the elders around
Who will soon be six feet down
Exercise brings a mental strain
And physical drain
Pills will kill
And life still will be plain
Youth is achieved in a special way
A heart that flutters when one person is away
Only a small moment in time makes you realize
That youth is only an uneasy crush
When a feeling twinges your soul
Knots up your stomach it makes you feel whole
When passion ruins deep for a person who’s new
Grown is my heart and my intentions are true
That a feeling this strong I never will lose
For even if we fail my youth you have proved

Joshua Gallatin

Living Colour Live and on Twitter

Well boys and girls, happy to share this hot live show with one of my favorite hard rocking syncopated booty shaking bands: Living Colour. I'm also happy to say that now that Twitter seems to be making some mainstream headway (yes, not just tech geeks and seo experts) some pretty cool bands and musicians are showing up there, including Living Colour who seem pretty happy to follow back and say hi in the process. In addition their guitarist Vernon Reid who is one bad mutha from another planet and crafted one of the most awesome  guitar solos of all time on Cult of Personality is also on Twitter. In addition Melvin Gibbs who has played with Vernon, Rollins,  Ronald Shannon Jackson and too many other kick-ass musicians to mention is also there and very conversational. I also found out via Melvin's tweets that the Bomb Squad badass production team for Public Enemy and Ice Cube are also there too. So I think it's safe to say that he Twitter coolness relevancy connectivity factor is going way up IMHO. So check out these peeps and buy some of their music, or T-shirts or whatever :D

Update: Here is link for fairly extensive Twitter directory of musicians and music resources. Have at it!

Twitter links: Living Colour, Vernon Reid, Melvin Gibbs The Bomb Squad

Thought gorillas in the mist…

Yesterday during my early morning walk some thoughts began to materialize through my synaptic haze. I started reflecting on the music of my youth mostly punk rock and new wave during my college days. Obviously much of that music was angst driven, aggressive, intense but still a lot of fun. Even the names were fun: Sex Pistols, the Dead Boys, Devo, Elvis Costello, the Ramones where like a happy family they all shared the pseudo-surname together. Probably the most whimsical titles of their day were X-Ray Specs: Oh Bondage Up Yours and Richard Hell's: Love Comes in Spurts. A sonic release for unanswered questions, fears, suspicions, ignorance, pretense, know-it-allism, etc. It dawned on me that anger/angst is a luxury of youth since it requires much energy to fuel and maintain. Then it hit me how reggae was a companion to punk. Maybe there weren't comparable music mashups like in the day of hip-hop and thrash ala Judgement Night, but it seemed a pairing that worked. Perhaps the cooler reggae music was the chill out of it's day. Perhaps because punks and Jamaicans other African Dash people felt disenfranchised by the system du jour and wanted a way to get it out of their system without resorting to: "Burn baby burn" methodology?

I don't remember my introduction to reggae that clearly. Probably first heard Clapton doing his staid version of Bob Marley & the Wailers: I Shot the Sheriff which hit me like audio Prozac. The original of course was better but only later did I find out about The Wailers early days and the much more authentic rawer sound of that music. Johnny Nash's: I Can See Clearly Now was a great tune which I dug, not realizing that it was reggae-flavored pop. Jimmy Cliff probably got me a little bit closer to the source with "The Harder They Fall." The beginning of the true path began with my trips to a Jamaican-owned boutique by Prospect Park in Brooklyn where I was able to purchase 45's from Jamaican labels with plain white sleeves and sometimes hand stamped labels: too funky cool. I even remember getting a reggae Christmas album featuring Jacob Miller who also did: Dreadlocks Can't Live in a Tenement Yard" and was a major player in the movie "Rockers" which was the ultimate in JA cool-very OG Jamaican-style mon. I was partial to the toasters like U-Roy and IRoy who were the forerunners of rappers talking their rap over samples of reggae often "dubbified" the more echoey the better. 

Finally, on one of my trips back to NYC and visiting this cool boutique where I got clothing as well as recent released punk, new wave and reggae, the cute English owner introduced me to LKJ-Linton Kwesi Johnson. An English poet that rapped his poems over some awesome well produced reggae driven by a band of top notch musicians. That really was the ultimate for me: musical, cool, intelligent, political,social commentary. Could it be any better for a music loving college student?


Sonny's Lettah (Anti-sus Poem)From Brixton Prison, Jebb Avenue London S.W. 2 Inglan

Dear mama
good day
I hope that when these few lines reach you they may
find you in the best of health
I doun know how to tell ya dis
for I did mek a solemn promise
to tek care a lickle Jim
an try mi bes fi look out fi him

mama, I really did try mi bes
but none a di less
sorry fi tell ya seh, poor lickle Jim get arres
it was de miggle a di rush hour
hevrybody jus a hustle and a bustle
to go home fi dem evenin shower
mi an Jim stan up waitin pon a bus
not causin no fuss 

when all of a sudden a police van pull up
out jump tree policemen
de whole a dem carryin baton
dem walk straight up to me and Jim
one a dem hold on to Jim
seh dem tekin him in
Jim tell him fi leggo a him
for him nah do nutt'n
and 'im nah t'ief, not even a but'n
Jim start to wriggle
de police start to giggle

mama, mek I tell you wa dem do to Jim?
mek I tell you wa dem do to 'im?

Dem thump him him in him belly and it turn to jelly
Dem lick 'im pon 'im back and 'im rib get pop
Dem thump him pon him head but it tough like lead
Dem kick 'im in 'im seed and it started to bleed

Mama, I jus couldn't stan up deh, nah do nuttin'

So mi jook one in him eye and him started fi cry
me thump him pon him mout and him started fi shout
me kick him pon him shin so him started fi spin
me hit him pon him chin an him drop pon a bin
- an crash, an dead

More policman come dung
dem beat me to the grung
dem charge Jim fi sus 
dem charge mi fi murdah

mama, doan fret
doan get depress an downhearted
be of good courage
till I hear from you
I remain
Your son,

Twitter Pulses on Photos

Meat on a stick FTW!Today I thought I'd capture this window in time on Twitter for photo Tweets. Obviously we at BBluesman take the capture of light color and shadow very seriously here. Not too serious hopefully... Anyway, here we go. Hope there is some useful stuff for you. Actually in the last post Jean Marais found a good mp3 legal site in the UK so who knows.

gwalter: This is probably one of the best photos I've ever taken, and not just cuz of the content.  http://is.gd/iyPN

MicheleBlu: ✐ editing the photos from the studio photo shoot today. i had an amazing time being part of the process, and hope to do it again soon! :o)

igorgue: take a look:   http://www.flickr.com/photos/igorgue/3257202374/

petersantilli@nipashah here's one of my most current photos (December) of my wife & I (via Flickr) We're 44 & 43 years young! http://ff.im/-VfgD

einmaleins: RT @soundernews: More photos from today - Seattle Times http://bit.ly/TxNC The Pacific Northwest's only Sports Team!!

byhuy:  @mintran don't you know you can submit your photos to viahe.org and become a member of us ^^

bramerth: Apple's campus is like a tourist destination or something. People come and take group photos in front of the 1 Infinite Loop sign

beth_m_b: Have you seen Xerxes? http://www.flickr.com/photos/sugarfreak/1715199256/

laenij: Oh my god I seriously need to learn to upload photos to facebook at the latest a week after I take them!!!

Forager: Someone just published one of my Flickr photos! :) How flattering! (as I don't consider myself a good photographer)

RadioKate: (Past my) bedtime. Just surveying post, inc. some photos. Must learn how to Twitter short links and do searches. Will you teach me?

keithweaver: MSCED 02.04. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bezoris/3257199278/

rgj: Several of you are retweeting photos of a missing girl. anyone have more information? We called the number and police didn't know about it?

soundernews: More photos from today - Seattle Times http://bit.ly/TxNC

scrazybobbles: frida photos up now :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/crazybobbles/sets/72157613409978262 lighting was alright tonight :) steered clear o ...

Some MP3 News Hot off the Twitter Press


SANY0093MP3's=music. Music =one of the main interests in my life. Twitter=people communicating, and is one of the best means of crowdsourcing so... From time to time I'll be offering some Twitter Pulses like this. Always good to see what the real people are saying and thinking.  Do you agree? Here is a free legal album of mp3's from Moshang (the dude in the picture) and friends. Enjoy!

netcitizen@narayananh though it may sound like those pirated mp3 sites which ask peple to buy a cd . but still v neednt be worried right.

highrockmedia: One of my favorite legal non DRM music sites, with high quality bit rate MP3 songs:http://www.mp3fiesta.com

kandihenry@plagiarismtoday But that's only the EU, which happens to have the best underground MP3 sites, by the way.

anantha_chirps@Suksy Kan mp3 download sites r damn slow magaa.. adakke keLde if u hv antha.. lemme c..

Suksy@anantha_chirps which sites do u use for kannada mp3 downloads? send me a DM!

RealTweeter@jasonbentley Sorry to see you go. We stream in MP3 on the web, as many other sites do too. I hope you find something that works for you.

Anders_Lundin: looking for new podcasts to dl to my mp3 player, do you know of any good sites to find this?

MarkLWaltz: Too tired to process widgets, MP3 files & blog hosting sites. Need help w/MP3 files & more from@tonymorganlive about WordPress. Tomorrow.

philipstears: Grr, can't find any Rob Dougan ony my hard drive and can't find any UK legal MP3 download sites that have it.

Alex_Manchester@MichaelQ I use a lot of MP3 sites for DJ downloads. For sheer simplicity, very little comes close to iTunes.

technogoddess: Looking for the best way to convert YouTube vids to .mp3 or .mp4 audio files. There are many online conversion sites. Which is the best?

bandwagonclown: While I am waiting for the ice demons to melt away so's I can get to Lidl, I shall attack Russianmp3 sites. Hurrah for illegal indie!

christiansheehy: Recommending Jamendo to quite a few patrons today: http://www.jamendo.com/en/ I welcome other suggestions for free mp3 (legal) sites.

blubrry@upyourego Audio is consumed differently, more on iPods/mp3 players and less on web sites. Something to consider.

thenitetechs@RickM well as far as completely 100% legit sites Amazon's MP3 site is great. http://bit.ly/XrCz