January 2009

The Seoul Bagel

01.12.2009 by Mark Forman

Some food for thought. When I got this flash of brilliance my mind told me I was on to something. As a life long bagel lover/connoisseur (my Brooklyn Flatbush roots certainly qualify me) I have been enjoying these wonders of round bread with the whole in the middle way before they were trendy or ubiquitous (on airline flights and […]


Just another point of you…

01.08.2009 by Mark Forman

I've been getting back into the photo rhythm: the dance of light, color, texture and shadow. Great noodle factory in the traditional market near my house. Traditional markets open in the morning usually have live poultry, sometimes live fish, and fresh produce for the day's needs. My favorite is "MianGeDa" a chunky, chewy,  noodle bit. […]


Radio City Memories…

01.07.2009 by Mark Forman

Today I was reminded of this NYC landmark place by this David Byrne post. Radio City Music Hall is a jewel among the other iconic elements of Rockefeller Center. it's name is larger than life. Don't remember how many times I saw movies and witnessed the amazing leggy Rockettes performances there. I do remember seeing […]

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Mr. Dave Holland

01.06.2009 by Mark Forman

Dave Holland is a jazz legend having played with Miles Davis and many of his fellow Miles' alumni. He is truly great in his own right for the numerous bands he has led, his compositions, and teaching to pay it forward an leave his mark on the lives of young musicians. Dave's Conference of the […]

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Enough Chinatown Wars…

01.05.2009 by Mark Forman

When I saw this graphic it really jumped out at me and made me actually think about wanting to play this game and iteration of Grand Theft Auto. Obviously I like my mash up version even better because it can be a surreal idiom for my life actually living in a former part of China. […]


Destroy Flickr!

01.05.2009 by Mark Forman

If you are expecting a rant on the social photo site that is owned by Yahoo, sorry to disappoint you. I was intrigued by the Destroy Flickr name myself when I read about this AdobeAir powered Flickr browser on this blog post.  I love it. It allows you to view all of the Flickr photos […]


New Year’s photos

01.02.2009 by Mark Forman

Well teh ongoing saga of my Xacti CA65 is well...ongoing. I thought I'd be getting a new replacement but lo and behold I got a used loaner almost 2 months since I sent camera in for warranty repair.    Anyway-happy to have something and I think I made pretty good use of the pent up […]