Things I viewed recently…

by Mark Forman on January 23, 2009

While out randomly cruising around last Saturday I managed to get a few interesting shots. The place I wanted to shoot ended up being a "no go" so I just shifted gears and headed to the northeast side of town which gets up into the foothills of Dong Shan.
Looking churchly...

This Catholic Church building had caught my eye before. It is on Taichung's Double 10 Rd. going downtown towards the Confucius Temple.

Lanterns strung up 

I've always got my eye out for lanterns. I really liked the lengthy linear string grouping here. It was also nicely contrasted by the green lamp posts on the bridge. Kind of Christmas-like in a way.

Next stop-the roof! 

Ths one really caught my eye. Lo and behold a railroad car on a roof. Funky architectural hackng by some taiwanese business people. KTV is a karaoke bar where every party gets there own room with karaoke set up.

Waiting for opportunity 

Paper machiere dragon taking a break before the big hoiday(Chinese New Year) next week. Great colors-dragons always catch my eye as well.

Among the rays of hope 

This tower of modern style lanterns was one of many at this hillside center for handicapped youth. Never knew it existed. Nicely located up by the old Encore gardens park.

Bright mural 

Some murals by the students on the winding drive up to the property. I love getting out exploring. I never know what I'll find to shoot.

Wandering Guy
  So there's this guy...
Day and night likes to wander
Goes up over hills
and in valleys down yonder 

But this guy feels stronger
Stronger than the guy who does not wander
He can do anything 'cause he is stronger.
His choice to wander made him stronger.


Mark Stevens