Everything except duck soup…

I have 2 different streams of separate but related (in my eclectic mind anyway) thought to share. First, the discovery that Peking Duck Pizza is now being served at our local Costco. My first thoughts were: I like Peking Duck and I like pizza, but will I like Peking Duck Pizza. Ok for roughly $8 I told the son, "let's try it." When we got it home and opened-lo and behold it was Peking Duck Pizza. However, it was more Peking Duck than pizza on one crucial point-no tomato sauce! Shrieks, gasps whatever sounds you deem appropriate just fill in here_______________________. In place of the pizza defining seasoned tomato sauce it had Hoisin Sauce the semi-sweet sauce that is derigeur for Peking Duck. In fairness it wasn't bad as a food item but failed as pizza. The main reason was since it had left being a real pizza territory when it substituted sauces, the combination of melted cheese with the oily duck meat was a little too rich and not that appetizing. Not horrible mind you but let's just say we won't be experimenting with this one again.

Now on that inappropriateness of cheese point let's jump over here. Like Jason Jones said in the video below, "It's like cheese is delicious on Italian food, but when you melt it on Chinese food it's disgusting." Now if only Jason were at Costco with me yesterday...

Finally, in maintaining faithfulness with the blog title inspiration:

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