December 2008

Ring in the New with Miles…

12.31.2008 by Mark Forman

Read a great post today from a cool blog called Presentation Zen. The crux of the writer's post was the Zen-like elements of Kind of Blue: Miles Davis' iconic album. No arguments here-that album one of the greatest pieces of recorded music ever with no apparent wasted notes and brilliant use of space. However what […]


Music like margarine…?

12.29.2008 by Mark Forman

First let me start by saying that the impetus for writing this post was initiated by Dave Allen who I greatly enjoyed (well still enjoy actually) as a musician (Gang of Four) and still find interesting via his new media and social media posts on Social Cache. One of the links that Dave pointed to […]


Ghost of Christmas past…

12.26.2008 by Mark Forman

I was just thinking about my first Christmas in Taiwan some 21 years ago. I got roped into being Santa for a friends party. Some expat engineering guy at his fancy TienMu house. When it came time to some adult beverage refreshment he asked me, "Did you ever have KaoLiang?"  I replied, "no" with quite […]


Year-end photo collage

12.24.2008 by Mark Forman

Well hopefully before too long my camera will be back in hand, until then I've been editing some shots that I liked but were lacking something. Now they're not :D.   My contribution for something Christmas-sy,ok?   Got a new suite of Nik tools for PhotoShop. Been having fun learning them.   Particularly good with B&W conversion. original […]


Marked for life…

12.23.2008 by Mark Forman

I'm sure I mentioned getting inked before. What made me do it? There were no Miami or LA Ink's on TV at the time to inspire me. In fact I had no plan to do it. My girlfriend at the time had a day off and wanted to go for a tattoo. I ended up […]