November 2008

Thanksgiving typical/atypical

11.30.2008 by Mark Forman

  I know many of you have just recently celebrated Thanksgiving. Probably got mega-dose of tryptophan off of turkey, stuffing, yams, pie, etc. We rocked it a little bit different here. We don't have oven at home like most Taiwanese houses. What you say? Think about it-how many of your favorite Chinese food dishes use […]


Good hybrid of art and technology

11.22.2008 by Mark Forman

  I watched this you tube video which I found on the Nine Inch Nails site. It's is from the guy that developed the interface control system for NIN's stage. He explains how it works and how he worked with Trent Reznor and team to implement. While not the greatest video quality still impressive as […]


Baseball and other images

11.18.2008 by Mark Forman

Currently I'm sitting here with my trusted Xacti out of commission and traveling in it's home country of Japan-local company I deal with sent it back for some warranty work. It decided to stop letting me use view finder...ack...tragedy. Good news is I took some shots before that happened and they are below.   This spot […]


Moshang-Stone Bell

11.10.2008 by Mark Forman

Yes it's true folks-Taiwan's favorite Sound Jeweler(from Capetown, SA) has a new musical work: Stone Bell. So new in fact that the mp3 is still wet so I couldn't listen at blog time 😀 . Jean (Moshang's off-stage name) asked me to use my photo above for his cover art so I said, "Yes!" How […]


Food for thought from ?uestlove

11.08.2008 by Mark Forman

AS you probably know, here at we're all about the music. More importantly, we're all about the human connection. The love I have for music is due to how it has given me hope and encouragement as a human being. ?uestlove from the Roots has done just that with his music and with these […]


Hard to believe…

11.05.2008 by Mark Forman

Well here I sit and I'm still a little startled. Barack Hussein Obama, son of an African black man and white American mother is the 44th President-elect of the USA. I became enamored of Obama early in the primaries when I got to hear him and see him and his family. I might actually be even more […]


Some recent photos

11.03.2008 by Mark Forman

  Yesterday I took my family into town for some shopping. We decided to get a little fresh air and exercise in the Taichung Ampitheater park. This little guy looked like he was having some fun and caught my eye.   A worker on the park construction project.   Kevin and Anne about to cross the bridge.   […]

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