Thanksgiving typical/atypical

Lil Red Roosters 

I know many of you have just recently celebrated Thanksgiving. Probably got mega-dose of tryptophan off of turkey, stuffing, yams, pie, etc. We rocked it a little bit different here. We don't have oven at home like most Taiwanese houses. What you say? Think about it-how many of your favorite Chinese food dishes use an oven? I'm waiting? What General Tso's chicken doesn't get baked? 

Well I went out for nice early morning walk that day-reflected on how much I have to be thankful for (much indeed) and got prepared for a semi-holiday. Invited one of my best friends and business partners over-Mr. Huang. We shared cheesecake and coffee together and strategized about a new product we're working on. Not a football game over beers but felt very comfortable, warm and rewarding for me.

Finally,when Kevin got home from school I went and got our Thanksgiving dinner-pizza. Spicy Chicken-come on play along with me: chicken substitutes perfectly for that overgrown mammoth turkey thingie. The spicy chillis substitute perfectly for the red cranberries, and the crust is a great substitute for the stuffing. The key point is-we all had a meal together enjoying each other and thankful that we had another year together. Hope it was a thankful time for you too.

Good hybrid of art and technology


I watched this you tube video which I found on the Nine Inch Nails site. It's is from the guy that developed the interface control system for NIN's stage. He explains how it works and how he worked with Trent Reznor and team to implement. While not the greatest video quality still impressive as a behind the scenes look at a cool technology which enabled an artist to better realize his vision. In this case the interactivity of lights and electrical devices with performers motion and contact.

Baseball and other images

Currently I'm sitting here with my trusted Xacti out of commission and traveling in it's home country of Japan-local company I deal with sent it back for some warranty work. It decided to stop letting me use view finder...ack...tragedy. Good news is I took some shots before that happened and they are below.

Red lanterns/Green rice fields 

This spot is at the end of one of my favorite stretches of road nearby. A stretch of farm land at the edge of the city and county. I love cruising through there especially when the rice is tall as in picture. This one has the added beauty of red lanterns to contrast.

Waiting for homer 

Kevin forlorn? Hardly-just a lull in the action. He had one close call on a ball thrown up into bleachers by Giants player.

The kids got some juice... 

Local Taichung pitcher playing for Giants now.

Down right field line 

Getting ready to start the festivities-exhibition series between Taiwan La New Bears team and Japanese Yomiuri Giants "B" team.


Hmm, what does he see?

Lonely guy 

Outfield can be a pretty lonely place.

What's with these guys? 

Getting closer view

Dueling relievers 

Looks kind of like the "crane" kung fu position...or not. :D

Getting loose 

Let's see that "whip."

Blue girl 

Blue Girl, oh why are you so blue... if you had tea I would have bought 1 from you...

Things looking up 

I kick a***es and take names-because that's how I roll! :D

Moshang-Stone Bell

Yes it's true folks-Taiwan's favorite Sound Jeweler(from Capetown, SA) has a new musical work: Stone Bell. So new in fact that the mp3 is still wet so I couldn't listen at blog time :D . Jean (Moshang's off-stage name) asked me to use my photo above for his cover art so I said, "Yes!" How cool is that? Check out some song samples today and see what you think. Is it his typical excellent soothing jazzy chill beats? You be the judge.

Update: The thing rocks-especially "When You Come ft. C Dala & Nego Elias: wow-nice stuff. Good job Jean!

Food for thought from ?uestlove

AS you probably know, here at we're all about the music. More importantly, we're all about the human connection. The love I have for music is due to how it has given me hope and encouragement as a human being. ?uestlove from the Roots has done just that with his music and with these powerful and poignant words in this video. He also writes an excellent blog which you can find here. Also big props to Sasha Frere Jones for his music coverage and pointing me to this video. Please pray for and send warm thoughts to President-elect Obama ( indeed)and his staff, they really need them as do the people of the US and the rest of the world. Peace!

Hard to believe…

Well here I sit and I'm still a little startled. Barack Hussein Obama, son of an African black man and white American mother is the 44th President-elect of the USA. I became enamored of Obama early in the primaries when I got to hear him and see him and his family. I might actually be even more impressed with Michelle Obama: a brainy and dynamic woman, wife and mother. In any case quite a remarkable couple and family. A family I can be proud of to represent my home country. It is nice to see some really bright people with new ideas have a shot at influencing (notice I said influencing not leading) the US.

I am not naive enough to think that President-elect Obama didn't get to be a US Senator and come up the ranks of Chicago politics without understanding how to survive in the political and at times Machiavellian machine with it's requisite going around to get around,etc.

What impresses me is how a young man with racial, geographic, and economic challenges was able to bear down and get himself into two of the nation's finest schools and do well and in the course of living his life develop an acute mind and a compassionate and inviting world view. Quite simply Mr. Obama embodies the American Dream. He also helped to fulfill the dream of another man-Dr. Martin Luther King; that came before him, that hoped and fought to have black Americans live in an America that would respect them and offer them equal status as partners in a democratic society. It is precisely on this point that I'm still shaking my head and tingling. My country got that much greater today because it proved that the while the process is far from perfect is good enough to facilitate something right and noble; something that is inspirational not just to Americans but people of all colors and races all over the world. This is the America that I and many of my fellow Americans, with immigrant ancestors from the four corners of the globe all dreamed about and glimpsed today. I am truly thankful to have lived to see this day-yes I believe that a ray of hope has entered our recent dark night.

Some recent photos

Holding the world in a ball 

Yesterday I took my family into town for some shopping. We decided to get a little fresh air and exercise in the Taichung Ampitheater park. This little guy looked like he was having some fun and caught my eye.

Crouching tiger 

A worker on the park construction project.

Crossing bridge 

Kevin and Anne about to cross the bridge.

Hustle boyz 

Workmen busy  building amphitheater roof system.

Sun cake man 

Friendly sun cake shop boss gave us some tea and sun cakes(a local specialty) to try.

Fortune teller prospecting 

Funky old fortune-telling sign downtown.

Kids fidgeting 

Started with a kid finish with 2. Can't top kids in photos,can you? :D