October 2008

Confessions of a Knick fan

10.31.2008 by Mark Forman

Thanks to all-nba-all-basketball.com for graphic Full disclosure-I was a major basketball jock as a kid in Brooklyn and played quite avidly until college. One of my major sources of inspiration was the NY Knicks. My home team. The NY Nets didn't count (even though they had Dr. J.) because they were from Long Island, some foreign […]


Pretty guitar chords

10.28.2008 by Mark Forman

Last night this all got started when my buddy Jack shared some lounge singer's video because he was playing nice jazz guitar chords. Indeed jazz guitar chording is the ultimate. This got me digging on you tube and I came up with this one by Lenny Breau-I've heard of him zillions of times but this […]


Taichung Jazz Festival

10.23.2008 by Mark Forman

At some point the city fathers decided they wanted Taichung to be the "cultural center" of Taiwan as well as the geographic center. Part of this resulted in the now annual Jazz Festival that takes place here in October. I attended the first night at People's Square with my son Kevin. We stayed for the […]


Saying R.I.P. Levi Stubbs

10.18.2008 by Mark Forman

The Four Tops were a major part of that wonderful Motown sound that was part of the aural background of my childhood: Sugar Pie,Honey Bunch, Reach Out and I'll be There. Lead singer Levi Stubbs died today at 72. He had a wonderful baritone voice and brought many smiles to my face through the beautiful […]


What I’ve been looking at…

10.13.2008 by Mark Forman

Here are some of the images I've taken recently on walks and jaunts around Taichung-central Taiwan.   Just loved this "buddha" outing. Several on the truck in the beautiful morning light.   Diligently tidying up for 10/10 Taiwan national hioliday.    Fishing on the holiday-good way to chill and pass time.   Lanterns in a row-the temple was visibkle from […]