A Taiwan History…

by Mark Forman on August 27, 2008

Got a comment on recent post from PJ Cabrera that made me dig out this history of Taiwan.

It was the Dutch and the Spanish that first established formal political powers on Taiwan, marking the beginning of Taiwan's transformation that would move the island from prehistoric obscurity into the modern world, forged through the Age of Exploration of the 15th and 16th centuries. Through expanding trade with the outside world during the ensuing Commercial Revolution, Taiwan progressed rapidly to become one of the thriving economies in East Asia. Both the Dutch and the Han Chinese immigrants played important roles in bringing this about by working together, each group complementing the other. In general, the Dutch formulated policies based on mercantilism while the Chinese implemented them, together creating a new Formosa. Their relationship was also competitive, however, and sometimes confrontational, as evidenced by Chinese uprisings and, ultimately, Jheng Cheng-gong's (鄭成功) invasion of Taiwan.

It is fairly informative (meaning even I learned a thing or two). Hope you find it interesting and useful. Amazing how even in 16th century Taiwan very key in international trade.