Nantou with old friends

by Mark Forman on August 21, 2008

Nantou is the largest county geographically in Taiwan. It borders Hualien, Kaohsiung, Chiayi, Changhua, Taichung and Yunlin counties. It is the only land locked county in Taiwan. It has some of Taiwan's most beautiful scenery comprised of mostly mountains and it contains Sun Moon Lake as well. Generally, whenever we get visitors from overseas we make a point of taking them to Nantou-in this case I did so with the Saito family.

Here we just arrived at Sun Moon Lake from Shitou. Nice to see the water after being up high in the mountains. Weather report said 70% chance of rain-Saito said let's take the chance. We won. beautiful sunny(but not too hot)weather that day.

Some kids messing around with their dogs by the lake.

Some dude chilling and fishing from one of the nicest shaded spots at lakeside.

WenWu Temple-the largest at Sun Moon Lake. So large in fact that Kensuke wondered if it was a palace. I noticed some mainland Chinese tourists there that day. I heard them speaking and their accents are a dead give away.This is probably the #1 promoted tourist site from Taiwan for mainland Chinese tourists.

I love shooting profiles-this is my favorite shot of Kensuke and Nanako from all that I took. I think it really captures them well.

Incense brazier handle close-up with much temple color in the background.

People buy these medals and hang them there as a thanks giving gesture.

My buddy Saito taking in the sights.

Get some beautiful lake views from the roof of the temple-this is one of them.

Aborigine village by the lake. This is near main pleasure boat dock area. One adult ticket is about $10 for a crusie around the lake.

Great being by the water up in the mountains-the best of both worlds.

We finished our travels that day at the Puli ShaoHsing Winery.

The balance of this set can be viewed here.

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