Testing New LED Flashlight

by Mark Forman on August 15, 2008

Really happy with this LED light I picked up. No batteries needed,self charging with hand-crank so very sustainable! FTW! Company is called BENEX. No-mine is not in Hello Kitty pink, maybe next time :D. Anyway, the following were some of my first test shots using flashlight to aid in better flash pictures. Will keep playing with it.

Fun stuff-no don't get paid for the plug-too bad!

What was I thinking? Probably just concentrating on holding light in one hand and shooting picture with other. Need to work on my self-portrait faces...

I consume much more of this than Coke. Love blue and water drops so do the math.

Tick-tock,tick-tock,tick-tock people,time's ticking away...My friend said if this was B&W be very film noire??

My favorite tea-pot(never used) I picked up on first trip to Xiamen,Fujian, China on Gulangyu. A beautuful island where the foreign embassies used to be.