Light, shadow and color

by Mark Forman on August 12, 2008

Got a bug in me to go and shoot some photos in some new spots or ones that I haven't covered that well. I was still within my favorite light/time band:early morning or late afternoon. Here are a few images that were fun to shoot and I feel came out fairly well. Hope you agree.

I've walked by and shot this fountain before but when I saw this recent addition of lone Water Lily, just had to have it. I did nudge it a drop to get a slightly better angle.

I've been to this temple before up in the hills of Dakeng, but didn't have good light. I did this session.

This was the first time I visited this temple in the fields opposite JiuShe Park. Love the upward angle with some blue sky against the bright temple colors.

I knew this was going to be good just from the "keyhole" archway.

I received a call on my mobile just as I was going over this bridge. As luck would have it, this fellow was doing some fishing.

Some of the classic colors and shapes of traditional Chinese temple roofs.

I love the markets in Asia-this one is Taichung's largest Chienkuo market. They are so alive and crazy and colorful and ASIAN! My photos all available here for viewing.