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My buddy Jeremy Vaught aka the Seesmic Blogger Dude informed me via chat this morning that Seesmic's new plugin for WordPress was available. This is what is showing above. So let's give it a little road test shall we?

2 Guitar Master discoveries

First I mentioned John Williams Gordon to a new music friend that stated a preference for blues and jazz musical forms/ He responded that he hadn't heard was very, impressed by brief listening and would return for more later. He then mentioned a West African virtuoso from Benin-Lionel Loueke. Knowing that this guy had some serious musical taste I got right over there. I'm listening as I type this, in fact. Man, Lionel sounds a lot like a guitar oriented Weather Report-beautiful playing and inventive singing with the exuberance often found in African musicians.

Don't want to short change John Williams Gordon or his Mutant Jazz  by any means. He offers a more minimalist, cool kind of vibe. It reminds me of Bill Evans in some ways and also Monk, more by abstraction than by actual sound. If innovative guitar music is your thing then run don't walk. Better yet, just click...

Out in the Light

Last Sat. was a great day to get out and enjoy some of the early summer weather here in central Taiwan. There was an event at SOHO mall with 9 bands and a chili cook-off to raise money for local Kidz charity. Later I went to a barbecue at the home of Steve and Rhonda and their lovely kids. There were also some "new media" friends in attendance there including the Dark Lord of New Hampshire (aka MJ Klein) and Michael Turton (who I also ran into earlier in the day at the SOHO event), and a new friend Ashish who took some ribbing over his name rhyming with something. I'll do a video soon with some music from SOHO and MJ rocking out on his new rig.

Wow-Marky Likes it!

It's unusual with all the web apps and shiny devices on the Net these days that I come across something that is so useful and it's utility/benefit so apparent. Apture appears to be just that. Enabling easy multimedia rich file linking without messing with CSS or HTML language in the guts of your site. It also aggregates an abundant amount of multimedia resources for you to mash up with to tie in with your topic. Good job Apture team! Many examples of the links in post below.


The stuff of legend, the veritable "Stinking Rose." I have always had a love for this herb as a flavoring agent and have since come to know and appreciate as a health food. Wikipedia has the following to add:

Allium sativum L., commonly known as garlic, is a species in the onion family Alliaceae. Its close relatives include the onion, the shallot, and the leek. Garlic has been used throughout recorded history for both culinary and medicinal purposes. It has a characteristic pungent, spicy flavor that mellows and sweetens considerably with cooking.[1]. A bulb of garlic, the most commonly used part of the plant, is divided into numerous fleshy sections called cloves. The cloves are used as seed, for consumption (raw or cooked), and for medicinal purposes. The leaves, stems (scape) and flowers (bulbils) on the head (spathe) are also edible and most often consumed while immature and still tender. The papery, protective layers of 'skin' over various parts of the plant and the roots attached to the bulb are the only parts not considered palatable.

There are many materials and experts that will attest to the health benefit properties of this wonder food. My wife comes from a family of garlic farmers. We are blessed with a good supply of the particularly pungent Taiwan varietal. Last night I accidentally bit into some that was still raw. I was tricked! Actually, this was in brine from my wife's delicious "pao tsai" 泡菜 a pickled cabbage concoction with carrots, cucumbers, chilis and garlic. I had an instant almost virulent reaction to the garlic reaching my stomach. This reminded me of when I first came here over 20 years ago and went to a dumpling restaurant. They had abundant supply of raw garlic on each table along with chili paste, soy sauce, fragrant oil and vinegar-the usual acoutrements for dumplings. I spotted an old mainlander(many of the Chinese in Taiwan came from China with Chiang Kai Shek in 1949) taking a garlic clove and eating it after he had scarfed a dumpling. So naturally wanting a genuine experience I followed suit. Dang-talk about the China syndrome! Total nuclear melt down in my gut.

My wife saw what was happening and poured me a glass of water. She added that garlic helps prevent cancer-I can't see how any microbe can withstand heat like that.

Inspired by Spring Weather

Hello friends that like to connect with me through my musical selections and bits of my voice! Here is 2nd installment in the new series. Inspired by spring weather and hope. Hope that in some small way life can and will be a little better. Sound kind of hippieish? Well think about the alternatives. -:) Happy that Liz Strauss reached out and mention that in cast, she happens to be a cool lady and a music lover too. Happy to have these good tunes available under web friendly Creative Commons terms. These musicians would be happy if you bought some music or other stuff from them as would you.

Le Cantin No Fake

Pure Ape Scary Channel

Faren Khan Fun Tashlikh

Patting myself on back…

OK  I know there is no shortage of narcissism or self promotion here on the Net. You need to work with me on this one. I was chatting with a friend that blogs for some Web App company and giving him so feedback on how to create some fresh and exciting media for his community. While we were brainstorming he mentioned a domain name he had that he might do a new project with. I though project sounded good but wasn't 100% on the name he proposed. At that moment I flashed on another name that would be perfect for me. Ready? Sure now? OK:


Will probably tie in with business projects more than media but you never know. These things seem to be merging more and more and that fine white line that once seemed so clear is starting to blur...

Anyhow, sure love the name!

Redzone:Abstract Revolution

Received by Justin a friend from SL. I've played musi of theirs before on GLU-worth checking out folks.

REDZONE are releasing their 3RD album, ABSTRACT REVOLUTION, on 20th JUNE. HANDCRAFTED SAMPLES created from ORIGINAL MATERIAL performed on REAL INSTRUMENTS bridge the gap between electronic and concrète genres. HEAVILY processed ethereal FEMALE VOCALS, rock beats and HIPHOP drums integrate with TEXTURAL SWIRLS of ELECTRIC violin, DOUBLE BASS and ebow GUITAR. The LYRICS explore DEATH, criticize MEDIA, challenge PREconceptions and MOURN the future. AMBIENCE and EXHILARATION in equal measure. Join the ABSTRACT REVOLUTION!!

Check out Ami's weekly video blog on YouTube
Get the inside story on how some of the new tracks were composed, performed and produced, and what they are about, plus the latest REDZONE news.

We're probably going to release this album in download format only, but it's still possible that we'll cave in and duplicate some CDs :-)

Ami + Justin