Issues with New Photoshop Express TOS

This is a screencast I did outlining some concerns I have over Adobe Photoshop Express online image service Terms of Serivce(TOS). The key is section 8 here on this page. Please read it carefully and voice your concerns to Adobe as needed. Basically, love the product as I do most of the Adobe products, but would like to see some Creative Commons licensing brought into play or at least a statement from Adobe saying they will not take our work without prior approval or negotiation to make money off of it.

Thanks to my research buddy Paul fro digging out TOS.

Update: I have been using the Photoshop Express tools on my photos from over the weekend and I'm really tickled over the result. I have been eliminating my pictures from their site once I'm done processing them. Don't know if this will help safe guard against any possible issues mentioned/questioned in there TOS section 8 but... Just thought you should know.

Final Update: here's to all of the folks on the internet that cried,"foul" over Adobe TOS issue-the recapitulated. You can see new terms here relinquishing ownership claims to rightful owners-content authors.

Phixr-online image editing app

Sure the name: Phixr is standard Web 2.0 corny but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy to use, how quickly application cycled, and by the robustness of the tools (a couple of dozen or so) offered for a free application. You don't even need an account. It'll let you use guest account for up to 2 hours. I have been using Picknik as a specific photo formatting tool. I like Picnik but the free account is limited in tools and the flash interface has the typical flash weakness of being slow on refresh time. There are many of these type of tools online check them out and see what you think.

News Flash: as I was writing this I was thinking and wondering when Adobe would finally unveil their long awaited Photoshop Express online site. Lo and behold-they did today. Now this is what I'm talking about! Confession-I'm a long term PS user.

PS: Hope you like the new lay-out of the site?? :razz:

Cool move Trent

Very psyched about this(psyched is an old Brooklynism when you're really excited). NIN major domo Trent Reznor is asking people to submit videos to tie in with music from Ghosts. Sample for free there and if you like it buy download album,cds or deluxe package. Perfect project and so web community friendly. Trent's web chops excel once again. I was going to do some video featuring Ghost music anyway so good serendipity value below. Will do a podcast in the next day or so featuring some of this music as well.

Update-This from a link pointed by my man Deadpan Jack Trent Reznor audio commentary on Ghosts and Radiohead's In rainbows projects.