Father & Son Ramones Moment…

Had a great father and son time last night. Kevin and I watched the Ramones documentary: End of the Century DVD. First time he's seen it. Great to experience with my son. He's been listening to their music, loves Motorhead and the Motorhead/Ramones friendship connection. Even added the Ramones to desktop as background.

Do I love that my son is interested in music and some of my musical likes? DAMN SKIPPY!

Night Owl

This is an excursion through nearby Re-zoned District, which in Taiwan is often referred to as Red Light District because the 2 terms rhyme in Chinese and often there are "hostess clubs" that pop up in the rezoned areas with ample motels in the area as well.

The images from the photographs were randomly selected and not from place shown within video.

I Have Seen the Future…

Enigma Photos

...and it's the Past! Wow just read an awesome multimedia post by Ian Rogers of YahooMusic on the state of the music industry and it's viable future. Inspiring and a little overwhelming if you read it as I did in one breath. Even Lefsetz and I are on the same page on this one. Sure Ian is pimping YahooMusic's place in the future kind of hard, but hey he is there and I think with his contribution and mindset it should only make it better.

On a related note, I feel confident that the future of music delivery will be some form of service that you pay a minimum monthly charge for like cable TV, maybe to your ISP adding a couple of bucks a month to the bill that content producers get to divide up. Why do we need archives any more cluttering up our hard drives? If you can get any song you want any time via stream isn't that adequate?? Also if you need file copy ok for an additional charge of let's say a dime($.10) you get a download which you can port to your mp3 player.

For a good example of quality streaming UI with ability to download files should desire(in this case a Creative Commons licensed free service) check out Jamendo.