December 2007

Ring in the new…

12.30.2007 by Mark Forman

rougerouge This is last music program of the year so theme is Old, New and Year. Happy to have some good tunes to listen to as we shift gears and change calendars. Do a WB Yeats poem: In Tara's Halls. Mention picking up new camcorder and Jeremy Vaught recommending it to me and meeting some […]

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RIP:Oscar Petersen

12.25.2007 by Mark Forman

Yeah, it's not what we like to think about on Christmas but it's reality. Oscar was a brilliant jazz pianist, played like he had 5 hands. All kinds of great jazz musicians and singers performed with Oscar. What can I say, the dude's music touched my life. Please view this video in honor of a […]


Some music for the season…

12.24.2007 by Mark Forman

I couldn't not post anything seasonal so I posted something good. These guys are talented and entertaining. Hope you enjoy. Happy Holidays to all.


Errands in the City, Great Danes in the Mountains

12.22.2007 by Mark Forman

Shot during lunch errand run and later trip to friend's Great Dane Ranch. Locations, Taichung City and DongShi, Taichung County. 5 Minutes to Hana by Steve Loo featured background music. Steve's music is heavenly-hope you enjoy. Comments are always welcome, pick a method that works for you. 😛


From father to son…

12.20.2007 by Mark Forman

Just happened to swap out cd stack in car system. My son Kevin heard Gregory Isaacs playing and asked who he was. So I told him how he was kind of like Jamaica and Reggae music's Marvin Gaye. Here's some of Gregory live. What do you think?