RIP:Oscar Petersen

Yeah, it's not what we like to think about on Christmas but it's reality. Oscar was a brilliant jazz pianist, played like he had 5 hands. All kinds of great jazz musicians and singers performed with Oscar. What can I say, the dude's music touched my life. Please view this video in honor of a master musician.

Making money on music…


The Long Tail reports on the success some websites in China are having monetizing music. Not through direct CD sales which everyone recognizes is as dead as yesterday's news, but from other indirect methods including ring tones, and search. I and many others believe there is a model that will work for the artists and the listeners/fans that just hasn't been discovered or more likely hasn't been widely promoted yet.

Some love for…


Your Brooklyn Bluesman friend is certainly eclectic in his musical tastes. Don't really cover much jazz in my Getting a Leg Up podcasts. Not because I don't love tons of it(I do) just because I feel I need to maintain some kind of boundaries to keep me from flying off into the vortex(or some such pseudo-sci fi babble -:) )

I recently searched for streaming jazz stations and came up with a gem: KJZZ. They feature mostly mainstream or traditional jazz as opposed to the more contemporary or "lite jazz" and some solid blues programming on the weekend. Signal strength and clarity is excellent. My 2 favorite DJs are Jose Rizo: awesome Latin jazz program, and Bob Parlocha: great variety of jazz from across the spectrum.

PS: yes Virginia, they are playing some nice Christmas jazz mixed in without being totally obnoxious or smarmy.