November 2007

Having a laugh …

11.30.2007 by Mark Forman

Cory I used to love reading comic books when I was younger, haven't been doing much of that lately. Found a good one today-satirical comic on one of the head dinosaurs of a big record conglomerate. Have a good laugh and wave goodbye to the old guard. Here is another work following new emerging internet direct […]


Snip Snip to RIAA Funding?

11.29.2007 by Mark Forman

Kr0n Looks like EMI of music industry and Sex Pistol song fame has decided to pull on the purse springs of industry pit bull: RIAA, et al. The IFPI said on Wednesday it was engaged in annual budget decisions and "as one would expect in this market, there is a focus on efficiencies and savings". It declined […]


Friends from Near and Far

11.27.2007 by Mark Forman

Some friends from Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 2 nights, 2 sets of friends over a couple of dinners.Trancendental by 4T thieves provided the music.


New Net Jukebox fun…

11.26.2007 by Mark Forman

iboy_daniel Was doing my daily GReader browsing and was pleased to see a post on Songza a Net search engine/jukebox gizmo. Thought I'd put it's awesomeness to the Mark Forman 2.0 esoteric test with Henry the Cow. Low and behold a dozen selections come back from them or permutations of the band. Nice! Thanks OM […]

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Art of Mental Warfare

11.23.2007 by Mark Forman presents The Warning, a politically powerful new music video featuring Grammy Award-winning artist Trent Reznor. The Warning takes on the covert interests behind the war and our media saturated society. From war crimes to the destruction of the environment and a celebrity-obsessed culture, The Warning is a clarion call to action for an apathetic nation. […]