October 2007

Taiwan Heartland

10.31.2007 by Mark Forman

Did this video while visiting the in-laws. Yunlin County, Taiwan-mostly small farms handed down over several generations. Homebound by Jag was perfect musical choice.


Why Albums Used to Matter

10.31.2007 by Mark Forman

My homie Jay Smooth hosts one of the best video blogs around: Ill Doctrine. He discusses many different things and in this segment covers the very timely topic of "control" which is something the record companies used to have and how savvy artists need to regain. Check out the video and see what you think. […]


CD Release:Muddy Basin Ramblers

10.30.2007 by Mark Forman

The Muddy Basin Ramblers are one of the more interesting bands here in Taiwan, in that they play jug band-style traditional blues music. Some talented people are on board including Poagao who's photos I often feature. They are doing live show to celebrate the release of their 1st CD. Come out and join the fun […]


Creative Commons resources

10.29.2007 by Mark Forman

DerrickT Good list on Mashable for indie media content producers. Check out some of those links and see if they connect with you.


Shiny Happy People…Not

10.26.2007 by Mark Forman

Got into a music conversation(my favorite ones OK??-:)) with new Taiwan blogger friend David. He mentioned being from Akron which had some way cool and unusual bands. One of them was Pere Ubu probably my favorite of the Akron bands. Here is a cover of their first single the Final Solution by some really great […]

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