Why Albums Used to Matter

My homie Jay Smooth hosts one of the best video blogs around: Ill Doctrine. He discusses many different things and in this segment covers the very timely topic of "control" which is something the record companies used to have and how savvy artists need to regain. Check out the video and see what you think. Oh, and Jay just love the Mahavishnu Orchestra-Birds of Fire on the cover. I saw the band back then at Avery Fisher Hall. Here's a bonus:

Shiny Happy People…Not

Got into a music conversation(my favorite ones OK??-:)) with new Taiwan blogger friend David. He mentioned being from Akron which had some way cool and unusual bands. One of them was Pere Ubu probably my favorite of the Akron bands. Here is a cover of their first single the Final Solution by some really great musicians. TV on the Radio, Peter Murphy, and Trent Reznor(this link takes you to Wired article on Trent and Saul Williams new release coming out on 11/1 free or $5 you choose). Check it out.

Wrap that Long Tail around…

Well I've been following Chris Anderson for some time. Happy he is focusing on my pet area in this post here. he gives an interesting report filled with data on the music business which indicates that it is thriving in every area except for sales of CD's. Well doh!-right? What do we need CD's for when we listen at our computers or on those micro-specialized computers called... oh yeah, MP3 players. I admit I still use CD's in my car (player handles 10 at a time) but haven't bought one in so long I can't remember. I rarely even burn music CD's any more. There is an abundance of free and legal music on the Net. Much of which meets the Net accepted standard-doesn't suck. Lefsetz the old music biz insider and prophet of the new media age keeps trying to tell them that. hard to sell expressive product much of which "does suck" for fifteen bucks when so much available for free legally and illegally tons more. Illegal but readily available.

So Radiohead was gaming us some according to Lefsetz and others. Wasn't so much goodwill/good karma as much as a bait and switch, inferior audio file sample now to hook us and buy better hard copy later... Well not me. Probably only hard copy stuff I consider buying these days is in DVD format. Interestingly, live music concerts appeal the most. Wonder if Jonathan Coulton or Brad Sucks have any live DVD's forthcoming,I mean since I haven't been able to get them to perform in Taiwan yet...

Chilling with the Bushman

Thanks to Moshang for use of Smoke from Chill Dynasty.

Well it was a really nice blogger meetup in Hukou, Taiwan hosted by MJ and HuiChen Klein. They were very gracious hosts and I got to meet Todd, Andres & Karen, David Reid, David Edwards, Carrie & John, Becky, and Jerry. Already knew Michael T, but big thanks for the hookup and driving. The rest I'll leave to them in their posts here, here, here and here. Here too at the Bushman's smoking new blog.