Virally good news…

Some of you that have been listening to my A.Connector Cast or reading the blog are aware that I've been helping Moshang(Jean Marais) with a viral marketing campaign for the Creative Commons licensed free web download album-Asian Variations. Happy to say that Creative Commons has listed this work in their blog here. I trust that many more people will download it because of this. You should too if you haven't already! Tell 10 friends too. :)

Groovin’ to Magnatune

Getting some web work done here on the box and listening to Magnatune artist The Seldon Plan in their nice streaming audio player. This way you can sample any of the Creative Commons licensed music on the label. Nice and makes the Web work a happy foot tapping experience. Will try to feature various Net labels that support podcasters(digital mix tapeologists I mean :)) and the new media community.

Hi Bob…

Karl O'Brien
Ya know it's seldom that I get so motivated by one person and with my eclectic nature, not get bored by same person talking about pretty much the same things repeatedly. In the case of Bob Lefsetz that's just how it is. Bob Lefsetz oh how I love your rants and reality checks on the entertainment industry and music biz in particular, let me count the ways. Amazing thing about this dude is that even though he has limited range of topics he is still very interesting to read. Engaging to the max. Even Jean Marais admitted to me that it was because of reading Lefsetz at my behest that he decided to do his new Asian Variations remix album as a free download in the hope of greater exposure. So the Moshang man was actually inspired by Lefsetz diatribes on indie musicians getting their stuff out to people and casting some of their bread upon the waters so much more can come back. You say easy for Lefsetz to say he's not a musician? OK go ask Jonathan Coulton.

Anyhow, just sayin...

Moon Music for Lunar Ticks

For the Chinese Moon Festival we offer these selections of "Moon-themed" music for your enjoyment. If it produces lunacy we... If it cures your lunacy,er.... listen again! :). Promo Moshang-Asian Variations. Mentioned Adrian Belew's Phone Call from the Moon.

I'm Your Moon 3:12 Jonathan Coulton
Under The Moon 4:56 Grace Buford
Moondrops 6:23 Vincent Casanova
Silver Moon 2:55 Blitzen Trapper
Moonrise 4:48 Yongen
Dead Moon Night 4:44 Dead Moon
moon rocks 3:15 finn. vs crusher
Paint The Moon 4:12 The Czars
Blood on the Moon 3:23 Antler
Moon Goddess 4:02 Jimi Tenor & Rhythm Taxi
Between the Moon and the Ocean 3:10 Bon Savants
I Was On The Moon 4:15 Apollo Sunshine
blue moon on the rise 4:25 NORTH ATLANTIC EXPLORERS Local Moon 3:35 Through the Sparks
Crime in the pale moonlight 4:37 Flanger Spirituals
Lunar bed music:Second_Fountain_Reflecting_Moon 6:17