Stars in my head

Mention the impression I had in my head about stars-so the basis of the musical theme Mention Moshang's free web album-Asian Variations. Remember to leave the computer and be with people and nature...

Water From The Stars 5:10 Remote Control Frequencies
The Shore and Stars 4:32 Austin Hartley-Leonard
blue stars 1:52 the soviettes
The Stars Above 4:55 SIANspheric
Stars On My Ceiling 5:01 Peter Greenstone
Turn The Lights Out 2:36 The Ponys
Afterglow 6:20 Joseph Murray
bring me the head of the fortune teller (stockholm sweden radio) 4:45 swervedriver
Pilot In My Head 4:17 Iron Hero Star of the bed: Headphonetic 6:36 Revolution Void
If ya dig these artists-show 'em some love by buying music from them and going to their shows if possible.

Moshang/Jean Marais Interview

Here is link to SL Notes episode with Jean Marais. He also is giving away for free new CD Asian Variations here. Jean, all the included artists on compilation and I would be very grateful if you would link to Asian Variations on your blog (if you have) or just tell your friends by any medium. Jean is happy to do any interviews should you have interest.