Another 8 Things?

Hmm got tagged again, this time by Jeff Ohara. Let's see:
1) Had a clarinet broken over my knee for failure to practice said instrument.
2) Named my son after famous trumpeter Miles Davis(his middle name is Miles)
3) Almost got into a fight with Elvis Costello's manager for touching my camera
4) Chatted with John Cale about Rabelais after a show in Tucson
5) Saw Kiss' first show in a major venue in NY (the old Academy on 14th St.) and was awed-I was only 15
6) Was on the TV show Romper Room when I was 6
7) Played cool and casually followed Willis Reed, one of my NY Knick idols through the Brooklyn College gym(when I was 11).
8) Never caught a fish on those many magical excursions from Sheepshead Bay as a kid.

I tag Jim Stanger, Grace Buford, Suzen Juel, Ronnie Marler, Peter Greenstone, Paul Swansen, Jack Hosley, Jean Marais, and Chris Cavs

9 Reasons to listen

I offer a pretty good eclectic mix of international music. Nothing deep was spoken today-just enjoying some tunes with some virtual friends across the ether, have some videos on Facebook here.

Voda 3:12 5'nizza
God's Gonna Cut You Down (Mondkopf Plus de Sommeil Remix) 5:18 Johnny Cash
Horse & I 3:04 Bat for Lashes Too Good 3:34 Jack Mangan
Les filles, C'est Fait Pour Faire L'amour 2:55 Mareva Galanter
Technologic (Hot Einstein Remix) 3:24 Daft Punk
Sick Of It All 3:26 Totalisti
Splattermania 4:08 The Wildhearts
Born to Lose 3:04 Johnny Thunders L.A.M.F. Revisited
The background music: Budos Theme 3:09 The Budos Band

If you enjoyed the music here, please consider purchasing directly for these artists and supporting them by attending their performances.

Eric Rice interview on Sl Notes

For those of you who like Eric Rice-New Media dude and early podcaster/vlogger.etc. Please check over here.

Spin/Eric talks about live music background at Slackstreet, now called Infocalypse, Saijo City development, Tune shifting to Kaneva, and upcoming Relay for Life mega benefit on 7/27 weekend. To assist in the logistics on this large benefit to raise money to fight cancer, please contact Eric Ric via IM in world, or at ericrice at gmail dot com.

Music by:
RoseDrop Rust/Dan Linn
foxyflwr Cure/Dawn DeSimone
Cylindrian Rutabaga/Grace Buford
Backing Music: Redzone

Fill in the Colors

A couple of episodes back we did the Tattoo themed show-with music inspired by the black lines. Today we fill in with th colors. I'm still digging Miami Ink for the stories of the people why they are getting tattoos and what they are getting. Give a shout out to my buddy Alvie.

Blue and Yellow 3:21 The Used
Yellow Cat (Slash) Red Cat 5:18 Say Anything
The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth 5:43 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
Red Blossom of Plum and Me 7:02 Lonely China Day
Red Eagle 4:05 Paul Duncan
Red Microphones 3:20 the Comas
Light Reds & Blues 2:32 Refrigerator
Red Cross Store 5:44 Mel Brown And The Homewreckers
the_moon_red_handed 2:54 the_good_life Red Tandy EP 2:20 The Mother Hips

I've said it before I'll say it again-show these musicians some love-buy there stuff direct from them and tell them the Bluesman sent ya!

Kind of coming full circle…

Even though it hasn't been a full year yet, JC Hutchins 7th Son book promo in Second Life was kind of the beginning of a wild and fun journey into SL.

SO here we are again as he gets ready to conclude with the 07/07/07 thingie. It will be at Podcast Island in SL on 07/06 at 7PM SLThere is link to audio promo. Use voice enabled viewer for SL members and you can voice chat with JC and other attendees. Here is teleport link to Podcast Island for SL members. SL membership is free here.