June 2007

East to West

06.28.2007 by Mark Forman

Here is a tumblr link to a site that Jim Stanger set up for us. Jim has a fascination with this side of the world and we've put up some new media links there for you to look at.


Dragon Boats are Here!

06.26.2007 by Mark Forman

anubisconq China Light 4:28 Snowden Priest, Poet and The Pig 5:01 Vietnam Poets 4:13 The Ex government brand 4:23 Ponies In The Surf Die For Your Government 3:30 Anti-Flag rice cake rabbit soul 2:59 Dawn of the Replicants Chase_that_Dragon 5:52 Animals of the Bible dragonflight5 3:26 Alan Fraser On The Boat (Chromatics Remix) 7:04 Antena […]


JC Hutchins-Another Man Podcast

06.17.2007 by Mark Forman

This episode is interview with JC Hutchins(JC Ripley) Podiobook author of 7th Son sci-fi thriller novel. We talk about upcoming Book 3, SL promo for it at Podcast Island, premier Rich Palmer (Rich Desoto) “Another Man” song inspired by JC’s books. We also feature some audio from Katronix Serf(Chris Moody), CC Chapman(Cleon Goff) and Rich […]


Going Crazy from the Heat

06.04.2007 by Mark Forman

^fred^ Mention some stuff about SL Notes feed not being included here anymore, new podcast: A.Connector, my friends at D-Voices and updated blog. Hotstepper 4:51 Stylofone*Hot Box 2:56 Black Rose Band*New Clouds, Hot Clouds 3:41 SPIRAL BEACH*Heatseeker 3:40 The Hedrons*Heatcar 3:05 Hogpig *Heat 2:13 El Diablo*Silk And Sweat 2:20 Thybbuk *Cold Sweat 6:22 Sensual Physics Expanding […]