Ok sports fans/ You heard it here from the bluesman. Check it out immediately. FoxyTunes kickass plugin for Firefox. It can control your music player from lower menu bar of window. Even cooler you can do internet search for your favorite music and it will gather available sources for you to stream, and it will provide you with related Youtube and other links available on the net all on one nice tidy page. I'm listening to some old King Crimson live right now-dinosaur epiphany oh yeah! Crikey-almost missed this-Twitty Tunes lets me post tunes I'm listening to to Twitter.

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  1. Good to see someone else out there digs that little plugin as much as me. Been using FoxyTunes for a while now, don't know what it would be like without it.

  2. :)-been loving it. Unfortunately was thrown a curve ball yesterday by pandora due to some licensing thingie for non-US locations.

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