May 2007

Virtual Hot Heron Wings

05.31.2007 by Mark Forman

Guests: Matthew Ebel (Hali Heron), Christopher S. Penn (Emperor Hand) and Michelle Wolverton(Chel Pixie) discuss Matthew’s music, need of “bird seed” culminating in the fan generated labor of love: Virtual Hot Wings. CC Chapman was off mic battling guard cows in Vermont, heh. Show is a little long almost half of music from VH Wings-enjoy! […]


Musical body art

05.25.2007 by Mark Forman

dr. huxtable Today's themed podcast is "Tattoos"-well the black lines in them. Mention Miami Ink, want your tattoo stories, wear are they located, what are they, what is the reason you got them? Please send via E-mail, voice mail , leave comments. C'mon it'll be fun. Play Spherical Tomi promo. All songs have black in […]


New Podcast of Mine

05.22.2007 by Mark Forman

Same guy-different theme and place. My new new media venture is A.Connector:podcast, blog, time-shifted conversation space.... I talk more about my global business/marketing ideas and experiences there. It's a chance for me to "eat my own dogfood"-podcast is a free sample of me in the hope to get more business for my company. Would love […]


I Was Sandbagged

05.22.2007 by Mark Forman

I discovered never agree to be a on a podcast that you haven't listened before. Especially if it is hosted by a zany and witty New Yorker, in this case David Moldawer. What did he do to me? Well, nothing really. He just ran his Onion-style news thrown in the Cuisinart then poured-over your head […]

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Good News and Bad News

05.18.2007 by Mark Forman

pbo31 First the bad news: actually pretty minor. I got inspired to get new url for my new business podcast. Played around with many different names for the url and podcast and found one for both. Then quickly jump over to snag CC's Hash 3 discount code for GoDaddy. Well, did get rock bottom price […]


Ahh, SL is a social medium…

05.17.2007 by Mark Forman

Jeremy Johnstone Yesterday morning my time-(Full disclosure: GMT+8) there was an SL event featuring Moshang. I helped arrange it for CC Chapman & Britney Mason. Doing my bit being a "connector" and "patron saint" for musician friends. Most people there seemed to really enjoy the music as I commented here. This morning as I went […]


Jonathan Coulton working the new media…

05.16.2007 by Mark Forman

PhineasX One of my favorite new media musicians Jonathan Coulton was featured in this NY Time magazine piece. This is an excellent read for understanding more about new media and viral marketing, particularly for musicians.


Rich to the Rescue!

05.15.2007 by Mark Forman

greenkayak73 Very happy to have Rich Palmer(Rich Desoto in SL) of Safety Songs on as guest. Rich is good guy, family-man, educator, entrepreneur, podcaster and sounds good on a g-string, . The dude does some pretty decent upbeat tunes too. Play promo for Cybercast, ID from Juel Resistance and these songs from Rich's repertoire. Make […]


Reality TV?

05.14.2007 by Mark Forman

presley In a recent conversation I mentioned that there is no such thing as "reality tv" because all of those programs are scripted. Nothing like blog to make broad sweeping statements huh. I think that is one reason for popularity of blogs, vlogs and podcasts-the "RQ" or reality quotient. Yeah I know that "citizen media" isn't […]


Reflections:Echo Chamber

05.12.2007 by Mark Forman

criana Here we go-am I reflecting on the echo chamber of the blogosphere or proving it? Today Eric Rice added "echosphere" here and here to the wikipedia of the day. Why should echoes be so surprising? After all, while people do differ in many ways, they are very similar in many others. Particularly when it […]