New Media Invigorates

Key points: new media contacts/connections I've been making lately via Twitter, SL, Ustream,etc. Some people(yes to me people are always the key resource) I've been inspired by lately are Chris Brogan(Twitter and his vlog/blog work) Eric Rice (Twitter and Ustream video chats/tours of his SL sims) Evo Terra(his recent addition of blogging rocks) and CC Chapman's (One Man's Thoughts).

First Chris Brogan-Nice to find a new media guy possibly more ubiquitous than CC Chapman. This guy has enormous Twitter Friends/follower list matched only by his drive and passion. His tweets(Twitter comments) crack me up. His sense of humor and style are very similar to the guys I grew up with in the old neighborhood back in Brooklyn-that kind of "feeling" is a good thing (thanks for asking, little Dorothy in Kansas). He really is community oriented and helped start the Podcamp thingie in Boston. Chris' Little Boxes vlog is really nice and he is a living directory/cheerleader of other vlogs.

Next we come to Eric Rice/Spin Martin(in SL). This cat has been around for a while since the early days of podcasting/vlogging non-textual citizen media. I heard about him for a long time and thought he was just another talking head wind bag, until one day when I really "heard" him. You know what I mean right. I "really" heard the guy. I think he was talking about how SL and podcasting are in parallel. They each are a blank slate with no clear rules of engagement and require the participant to come up with structure and build on that. From that point on, I "got" the guy. Love his Twitter streams of consciousness and have had many SL IM, Ustream, Twitter and chats with him.

Now Evo Terra is a podcasting tour-de-force that is involved in 3 or 4 different sci-fi flavored podcasts as well as Far Point Media which includes over 30 different podcasts at present. Interestingly, I prefer Evo's blogging voice which he has been vocalizing over at his new Fun Anymore blog. I don't know why-just that intangible "connectivity" factor that occurs between people(or not in some cases).

Finally, CC Chapman. Everyone knows this guy is a great podcaster and has great energy.
Big Care Bear on crack kind of guy. Then I recently watched his One Man's Thoughts' vlog. The setting is fairly mundane (in his chair or kitchen), but not his content. It gave me a burst-because even though the camera is present, which makes many people self-conscious or anxious - CC seems the most "himself" in this format. Funny too.

In summary, I thank these folks and others for the renewed headiness/inspiration I'm feeling via new media.One last parting thought I feel with each of these folks and others: new media allows each of us to have a voice(s). Why the optional plural? Well interestingly many people "sound" differently in different media. So a blogging CC, and vlogging CC will sound and feel a little different from a podcasting CC even though they are all the same person. Not sure why that is, it just "is."

So I'm reaping the benefits of all this good energy and creativity which is helping me to "blow the gunk out of the carb" on my new media engine. My vlog is coming soon, just have to sort that camera thingie out.

Twitter Infornography


I've been motivated to get back to doing some more thematic podcasts again-hence today's MindField show(title mashed-up from the trendy software and cool tune by Jonah Dempcy). Lately been using Twitter, pondering Ustream and Talkshoe. Like any tools the significance is in the application. Show is comprised of "Tweets"(what Twitter posts are called) from some friends on Twitter and some great podsafe music. Play a promo for  Computer King's show.The drill,"Dig the tunes>buy music direct from artists when possible>go to see them live."

Socialize 4:31 Metal Hearts* Media Screws 4:49 Kalas*Digital Data 3:26 ASHWAN *Vision 4:59 Angel Tears*Agenda Suicide (adult. mix) 4:41 the faint*Bet You Never Thought 4:52 Brighton, MA*Words That I Employ 3:03 Coach Said Not To*Words Were Barely There 3:03 The Temporary Thing *1,000 words 2:31 Burning Bright*Background music: Infornography 4:15 Revolution Void

Rich can Rock!

Hey major props to my boy Rich Palmer(SL: Rich Desoto) and of Audio Gumshoe Podcast (cool name, huh). He came up with killer rocking song for inclusion in Second Life part of Hutch's 50/50/50 tour for 7th Son book 3. In fact, made old Hutch squirt some tears in my Skype window... heh. Good news: you'll all get to hear it. Bad news: you'll have to wait....

Ok if you can't stand waiting why don't you point here for 7th Son-"What are Your Clones Listening to" show I did with Hutch.

The Matthew Show Show

Well I didn't stutter-ya see Matthew Perreault goes by The Matthew Show in RL so... Ok I was being a little clever. Matthew has some interesting things to say and some great live music to share from a RL/SL simulcast he did recently at McHenry's in Ft. Worth , TX and Club Oi/Beckenbach in SL. Have a station ID from RoseDrop Rust and promo from Dedric Mauriac. Hope y'all enjoy! Please buy music from Matthew directly and go to see him if you can.

  1. Union Station
  2. The Lesbian Song
  3. February
  4. Anyway
  5. Down Before I Know It
  6. Office Suite
  7. The Background music: Symbiotic Angel

PK Spreads the Love…

Dear Mr. Forman,

I recently had the privilege of meeting Cory Doctorow during a book signing in San Diego. He asked me to tell you a story that I told him, so here goes...

I first encountered a copy of Cory's book "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom" in a remainder pile at a university book store. I picked it up and started reading, but I just couldn't get into it. Hearing it in my own head with my own voice just made it sound stupid to me, I think primarily because the word "bitchin" was one I associated with my days in high school. Anyway, I decided not to buy it.

Then you started your podcast of "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom". Hearing you read the story transformed it into something I could appreciate. Your earthy vocal style is a perfect match for the material. You did a great job on it and I wanted to thank you. Because of you I got into more of Cory's stuff via his podcasts and my life is the richer for it.

While I'm at it, thanks as well for reading Lawrence Lessig's book, "Free Culture". Your work on that and promoting free culture generally on your podcast are a real service to the internet community.

I must also tell you how much I enjoyed hearing you on Michael and Evo's Wingin' It last year! You displayed a quick wit which kinda surprised me because you sound so laid back to me.  It sounded like you were having a good time which always makes for good listening.

I was saddened to learn about Joe Murphy's death recently. I never met him but I feel like I had because I'd heard so much of his voice.  My condolences to you on the passing of your friend. He will be missed.

I guess I had more to say than I expected...the main thing is, thanks very much for your good work. I look forward to hearing what you will do in the future!


What could I possibly say other than, "you had me at Cory Doctorow...."

Stars shine brightly…


Today's podcast is dedicated to Joe Murphy and Feliciaa Feaver. Talk about these 2 folks, the life-cycle, and some Taiwan custom's. The rest is the usual eclectic mix of tunes from all over the planet. Here's the drill: Dig the tunes>Show some love> Go see the artists and buy from them directly wherever possible! Promo by Jack and Megan. Here is link for Wingin It tribute show for Joe.

Entry 3:57 Cargo Cult Black Heart (MoShang's Soft Centre Remix) 4:43 Kou Chou Ching Gente del Funk 3:17 BJC Eerie Street 3:25 Max Goldston Saddle Up 3:39 Dalhart Imperials Death Of A Bassman 3:19 Greg Koch Jenny 3:22 Thee Michelle Gun Elephant Love Burn 3:31 sparkle*jets u.k. coffee shop girl 3:13 the cautions Genesis 5:45 Enduser & Kazumi