March 2007

Showing “Love” for my homies…

03.31.2007 by Mark Forman

So I am filling in the blanks on my anecdotes from yesterday's blog post and pimping a good new tune by BroLo and a good cause. Mentioned in cast are CC Chapman, PodcastNYC, and Rob Safuto. Go check out BroLo at the "BJam" if you can and make sure to send some love to help […]


Stoking the Hype Machine…

03.30.2007 by Mark Forman

 Fujoshi I'll admit it-from time to time I come up with some really good analogies. No, I'm not one of the more famous blog/vlog/podcast pundits... I am however able to speak my mind and have a sense of humor (yes, very warped). I was just prompted by another new-media creature friend (one that I even met […]

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Musical Nudist Colony???

03.30.2007 by Mark Forman

Yes, I am using MOG and it bills itself as a "musical nudist colony." Whatever that means. In fact I think this site has much to offer (I've been using for a day so I'm still learning) and uses it's xml tools to link up info from your song files (in your hard drive via […]


Geeking Out…

03.29.2007 by Mark Forman

Uhoh-I usually snicker at my friends geekery but... I have to give credit where it's due. Firefox browser with cool iris previews (allows me to go deeper into windows by mouse touching-kind of like Snap...) and Foxy Tunes-lets me control ITunes from browser menu with extensive functions. I dig it. Lest I forget-Google's web tools […]


Platinum Jamendo-Woot!

03.28.2007 by Mark Forman

I use Jamendo from time to time since entire catalogue is free and  all CC licensed. I received e-mail from them today that they have reached their 1 millionth download of their albums (almost said record-it is a digital album and record I guess). Kudos Jamendo on getting out so much music  to so many […]