Stoking the Hype Machine…


I'll admit it-from time to time I come up with some really good analogies. No, I'm not one of the more famous blog/vlog/podcast pundits... I am however able to speak my mind and have a sense of humor (yes, very warped).

I was just prompted by another new-media creature friend (one that I even met in person-oooh) that 2 analogies of mine will never be forgotten by him: 1) Skype is like the web 2.0 backyard fence, 2) Twitter is the Web 2.0 steam pipe. For explanation please stay tuned to next podcast. Better  listen :)

Musical Nudist Colony???

Yes, I am using MOG and it bills itself as a "musical nudist colony." Whatever that means. In fact I think this site has much to offer (I've been using for a day so I'm still learning) and uses it's xml tools to link up info from your song files (in your hard drive via some software plugin) and post to your site with hypertext links out the yin-yang (mp3s, videos on youtube...). They also have all the social networking structure in place to share with friends and make new ones and even functions as a decent music-blog for users.

Geeking Out…

Uhoh-I usually snicker at my friends geekery but... I have to give credit where it's due. Firefox browser with cool iris previews (allows me to go deeper into windows by mouse touching-kind of like Snap...) and Foxy Tunes-lets me control ITunes from browser menu with extensive functions. I dig it.

Lest I forget-Google's web tools are looking more and more like the future is nigh. G-Mail can handle all pop 3 e-mail accounts now up to 5 of them-woot!

Platinum Jamendo-Woot!

I use Jamendo from time to time since entire catalogue is free and  all CC licensed. I received e-mail from them today that they have reached their 1 millionth download of their albums (almost said record-it is a digital album and record I guess). Kudos Jamendo on getting out so much music  to so many people and for continuing to upgrade your UI  and making the experience for listener/user better and better.

Social function: You can listen to other users playlists and make your own for other people to share

Almost did this yesterday…

Ya know yesterday when I read this post I almost trackbacked to it and didn't. Now...well all I can say it shows some of the significant power and mobility of new media. It also shows the decency and compassion of some people when presented with the sad circumstances of another. The people in question are Joe Murphy, Michael & Evo , Leann Mabry, and Penn and Teller. I'm sure there are others, but these are the key players. Great to see the blogs and Twitter and podcasts used for something significant and life-changing even. Finally, Joe all I can say is, "I'm glad one more of your dreams came true."

The more things change…

dr. motte

The more things change the more they stay the same(or in this case recycle). The music business is becoming a singles oriented affair (consumer-friendly freedom of choice model) shifting away from the album format(push model record company forces consumer to buy collection of songs for bundled sale).

In essence the listening of recorded music has shifted from a very hands-on experience: taking record>getting it out of abum cover/paper sleeve>carefully placing it on platter>cleaning it>cueing it>and finally listening to it.

Recent model:find desired track in ITunes or winamp and click or: find desired track in mp3 player and click.

6.85 Dog Years…


Here it is-chilling on Sunday and putting out show with a dozen tunes today. Mention Freakonomics book and blog. The rest is the tunes (pssst, it's always the tunes <grin>). Dig 'em-show some love. Buy from artists directly and go see them! 

In Diesem Raum    4:04    Trost

Welcome To My Room    5:30    VietNam

A Story Untold    3:55    Tsk Tsk

La Nature     5:43    We Are Wolves

Funnily makaji    5:36    San Fan Thomas

Strow    3:03    Oscar Trim 

So Green    3:18    Kinematic

Ecstacy    3:12    zZz


Haircut 100    2:54    Barefoot Hockey Goalie

Pretend We're Dead    3:16    Cansei De Ser Sexy

Dirty Lives    3:06    Love as Laughter

The Bed: Edge's Of The Sky    4:56    Sleepy Green

Non-sequiturial ping-pong(aka:Twitter)

Tales of an LA Addict

I fired a salvo at my boy Brad P about "egg creams," he of course responded and tagged me back with "Scruffy the Cat." For those of you who don't know about Scruffy they were one hell of a live act whose record was just "ok" IMHO.  I imagine there are more bands like that than not. I had the priviledge of seeing them at Tom Anderson's in Scotsdale shortly before I moved to Taiwan. Man those guys rocked.

4 Dozen Approaches….

Well just a couple of days away from #48. The numbers don't mean anything anymore. Every birthday is a cause for celebration. It is a reminder that I am alive and have much to be thankful for, starting out with a life to live. Nah, not preaching any Jonathan Livingston Seagull kind of philosophy. Straight up, square business as we used to say in Brooklyn back when 20 something year-olds seemed ancient to us kids.

In college days when my buddy hit 20 shortly before me, I remember his drama about "not being a teenager any more..." Well it's funny, the numbers have never been that important to me, but the quality of the life experience always has. I've gotta say on that score it's been a pretty good ride so far.