Cool Struttin with BB

by Mark Forman on February 22, 2007


I mention interview with John Buckman for upcoming show and shows coming up at U-Turn Cafe. Talk about clothing line in SL , childhood Soupy Sales story and play promo for Deadpan. As always-dig the tunes-show some love-buy directly from and go to see these artists when possible!

U_F_O " F I X I N G M Y B R A I N " ( Final ReMix ) (ft. Bert Fonte ) 5:46 Brad Sucks
A lof of history in a very short time 6:18 Giraffe
Soupy Sails 5:58 Zilla
ditto ditto 4:42 ditto
Es Tu Vida 3:39 Hello Stranger
every one of us 3:39 GOLDRUSH
Digital Stimulation 3:12 The Units
5JCougarMellensong 2:25 echoes
Back and Forth 3:04 Earl Greyhound
Cool-bed:Cool Struttin' 5:30 The Sonny Clark Memorial Quartet