Cool Struttin with BB

by Mark Forman on February 22, 2007


I mention interview with John Buckman for upcoming show and shows coming up at U-Turn Cafe. Talk about clothing line in SL , childhood Soupy Sales story and play promo for Deadpan. As always-dig the tunes-show some love-buy directly from and go to see these artists when possible!

U_F_O " F I X I N G M Y B R A I N " ( Final ReMix ) (ft. Bert Fonte ) 5:46 Brad Sucks
A lof of history in a very short time 6:18 Giraffe
Soupy Sails 5:58 Zilla
ditto ditto 4:42 ditto
Es Tu Vida 3:39 Hello Stranger
every one of us 3:39 GOLDRUSH
Digital Stimulation 3:12 The Units
5JCougarMellensong 2:25 echoes
Back and Forth 3:04 Earl Greyhound
Cool-bed:Cool Struttin' 5:30 The Sonny Clark Memorial Quartet

  • Ohhh... man... you got to the mention of Tin Machine before I could comment on it... The interesting thing I noticed when I saw Tin Machine playing live, on SNL, I think, was that Hunt Sales looks just like his dad, except with long hair. It's the strangest, damned thing in the world to see the spittin' image of Soupy Sales playing drums for Bowie... weird.

  • admin

    Heh the stuff of chemical-induced nightmare, eh. Always admired the heck out of Bowie a music superstar forming that band and just being the singer.