Pigging out in China

by Mark Forman on February 13, 2007


Here we are once again coming up to the Chinese Lunar new Year and it's my year-year of the pig!. Love it send those bacon lettuce and tomato sandwhiches. So I have arranged a show of pig and Chinese themed music accordingly. Good tuneage from some rockin musicians-make ‘em smile. Visit their sites, go to their shows and buy their music from them directly if possible. Gong Hsi Fa Tsai!
Piggies 2:18 Hobble
the_freed_pig 4:09 Cassettes Won't Listen
Priest, Poet and The Pig 5:01 Vietnam
Chinese translation 3:58 M. Ward
Chinese Letter 3:15 The High Violets
Chinese Handcuffs 2:44 The New Year
Chinese Rug 3:46 Wes McDonald
Chinese House Flowers 1:35 Mountain Goats
Going Home 10:06 Alice Coltrane
Chinese Newyear Bed: Tornado (chinese) dope song 4:10 Jay Chou

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