Pigging out in China

by Mark Forman on February 13, 2007


Here we are once again coming up to the Chinese Lunar new Year and it's my year-year of the pig!. Love it send those bacon lettuce and tomato sandwhiches. So I have arranged a show of pig and Chinese themed music accordingly. Good tuneage from some rockin musicians-make ‘em smile. Visit their sites, go to their shows and buy their music from them directly if possible. Gong Hsi Fa Tsai!
Piggies 2:18 Hobble
the_freed_pig 4:09 Cassettes Won't Listen
Priest, Poet and The Pig 5:01 Vietnam
Chinese translation 3:58 M. Ward
Chinese Letter 3:15 The High Violets
Chinese Handcuffs 2:44 The New Year
Chinese Rug 3:46 Wes McDonald
Chinese House Flowers 1:35 Mountain Goats
Going Home 10:06 Alice Coltrane
Chinese Newyear Bed: Tornado (chinese) dope song 4:10 Jay Chou

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  • hey there bluesman, it's cohry (komputadora) from vox monitor, etc. i sent you an email a couple weeks ago but didn't get any response, so i'm trying the comments now. i just recently finished a new track that i'd really like you to hear if you could spare some minutes. you can get it at http://www.garageband.com/artist/komputadora. the song is called 'the sovereign'.

    keepin' it real in '98,

  • admin

    Yo Kohry-I stand busy and corrected. Happy Piggy New year! Novoa anna baconis. Will definitely check out track and encourage any readers of this post to do so as well. This dude makes some interesting music.

  • HI COHRY O.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!